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Hpala, how to get better?

Holy paladin pvp arena

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Posted 04 December 2012 - 12:52 AM


Recently got my hpala to 90, got full blue pvp gear.

Having problem with healing arena partners, it's like i can't outheal the damage or something. It's easy to survive yourself but ye not healing others.

So wondering if someone can do some input on how I play or my gear/reforg etc.

- I reforged to spirit and crit
- Gemmed Int/pvp power/spirit

Using holy shock as prio 1(and holy prism), then word of glory/eternal flame when at 2-3 holy power. When needed i use flash of light, And cd's when it's needed.

But sometimes I can't really outheal dmg.

FoL = Around 40k
Shock = 35k
Word of glory = 60k with 3 holy power

So isit because of my gear mainly? or im playing hpala wrong?

And I go oom, as a hpala.... i was at 0% mana when shammy did twice my healing and he was at 80% mana
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