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I feel like damage in arena is out of control, this is my idea

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#21 Rofrot

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Posted 02 December 2012 - 11:34 AM

the changes you suggest make no sense

-slightly nerf pvppower

-buff resilience

-rework/nerf the oneshot mechanics (remove the fire blast glyph/reduce the bombs explode damage, nerf tfb burst(maybe make it deal damage in as many portions over a very short time as many stacks the warrior has))

-buffing honor pvp gear and/or reducing the cost of all pvp items would also help
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#22 Railander

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Posted 03 December 2012 - 03:51 AM

this whole bullshit we see is basically due to huge cooldowns that can be stacked. what do you think would happen if a warrior and hunter/mage would to blow out all their shit at the same time on someone that doesnt have huge defensive cds (say a dk or rshaman) ?

rogues in s11 comared to warriors in s12:
stuns all the time ----------------------------------------------------- stuns all the time
gibs 60% of your hp in 2 secs with cds -------------------------- 200% of your hp in 8 secs with cds
normal dmg outside cds with lots of stuns ---------------------- big dmg outside cds with lots of stuns

currently what annoys me the most right now are mages and warriors, because they can just pop all their shit right off the bat without any ramp up that blizzard claimed so rigorously to be fixing on rogues and just happened to forget about the other classes. just fucking slipped their mind.
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