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The woes of a DK in MoP

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 04:40 PM

''Oh, it's a Demonology Warlock. Srry guys, my defensives will be useless this game.''

Not the exact truth, but it's pretty close to it. I have literally not lost to anything this week, except for x / x / demo lock. And oh boy, I do enjoy seeing demo locks in over 80% of the games we play.

inb4 warlocks defending Chaos Wave ignoring all DK defensives.

and before people go ''you can use IBF for dmg reduction!'', I'm sure that reduction from 200k+ to 160k+ will help a lot. Oh nvm, most of the warlocks play with either a warrior or a frost mage. Warrior drops crit dmg increase banner to ignore IBF and mages just blanket silence so I can't use it instead.

Yes I'm mad.
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#2 alleaya

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 05:31 PM

look on the bright side, not all locks are geared and do that sort of damage :P
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#3 RavageDionne

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 06:34 PM

dk scum

go spin on a fedora.

Why don't you spec for AMZ or silence the warlock and then call out CCs from your partners to keep the lock down? Start in blood presence, and try killing the banner. They only have like 87k health or some shit unless they changed it, and if you're rolling unholy, have your pet gnaw the lock and chain the warrior and try to deadzone his charge (if he's any good this won't work anyways though).

Assuming you live though. It does blow how horrid your survivabilty really went down after Dark Succor got gimped, and then it just showed when MoP's burst was implemented.
Overall, DK needs some major survivabilty changes. Their playstyle is rather clunky and as of late due to talent changes (losing baseline runic regeneration talents), it's got alot of downtime unless you're trying to shove yourself up a target's ass.
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Posted 02 December 2012 - 12:18 PM

I use AMZ against spellcleaves all the time, trust me. It simply doesn't help because chaos damage. The banner can only die from direct damage, any warrior with a brain will not put it down on the ground right next to me. I will always take that first 180k chaos wave no matter what I do, and I have yet to meet a team with a brain that lets me run away from the second one. (DK has no mobility, in case people didn't know). The demo lock will force everything I have on his own, and his teammate can finish me off right after if I didn't die to double wave yet.

I played some dk/mage/rdruid yesterday on 2.1k, guess what, we only lost to demo locks and KFCs riding the mage. I don't mind KFC, their damage is counterable to a certain degree. Demo Lock is just complete bull.

Unholy pet is buggy as fuck, oh how I wish it would just do what I tell it to do for once. Gargoyle is still braindead and barely responds to pet commands. I like the playstyle, I really do, but with all this shit going on, there isn't much to enjoy about playing DK in general. I'm always the target unless I play with an even weaker class on my team, my defensives are close to meaningless to the main classes dominating arena right now, the only reliable defensive I have is petsac, and I have had plenty of games where I die before my finger reaches the keybind for it. And I've bound it right next to 1. So no, it's not a weird keybind to press.

And to add to the joy, I cannot play any other class, because blizzard thought it'd be funny to make alts irrelevant. Oh, I have a disc priest with gear. rofl, disc priest. Better go shadow I guess and play FotM shit. That's what it seems to take to play arena atm. I better start looking for a demo lock.
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