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Mistweaver Monk PvP guide

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 09:55 AM


This guide is incomplete currently. The idea of the guide is to work like a wiki, to use the swarm intelligence of the AJ monk players. Nothing that stands here is set in stone. Your critic, your additions and recommendations are welcome.

Content will be added and updated constantly. I am looking for your input, your opinion, links to videos of players that make it work, are successful. I want your text-pieces, graphics and macros. Your addon settings, interfaces, your strategies. This is an experiment an I hope it will work well.

A lot of the content is heavily inspired or copied from the Mistweaver Healing Compendium on Elitist Jerks written by Valen aka Arison that plays on the US server Windrunner.

Table of contents

1.General Mechanics
1.1 Introduction to Mistweaver Monks
1.2 Chi
1.2.1 Gaining Chi
1.2.2 Spending Chi
1.3 Stances
1.4 List of abilities
1.5 Passives
1.6 Diminishing Returns
2. Gameplay
2.1 General healing mechanics
   2.1.1 Single Target Healing
   2.1.2 AoE Healing
   2.1.3 DPS Healing
2.2 Healing in PvP environements
   2.2.1 Healing Sphere
   2.2.2 Targeted burst healing
   2.2.3 Healing RBGs
2.3 Cooldowns
2.4 Mana
3. Gear
4. Racials
5. Professions
6. Talents
7. Glyphs
8. Macros
9. Contributors

1.)  General Mechanics

1.1 Introduction to Mistweaver Monks

The Mistweaver is unlike any healer in the game today. Borrowing some high-level ideas from each healing class, yet copying none, the class manages to be very unique, even breaking out of the Cataclysm standard of having three core single target heals.

What separates Monks from other healers in PvP:
  • Huge amount of burst healing capabilites
  • Able to heal into Smoke Bombs with Healing Sphere
  • Best RBG cooldown after Heroism with Revival
  • High AoE healing capabilities
  • Different healing styles from standard ranged, AoE and even melee healing through dps
  • High mobility, hard to catch
  • Unique abilities like Dematerialize and Roll
  • Chi - see point 1.2
Monks can dispel Magic, Poisons and Diseases. They have no offensive dispel and no ability to avoid crowd control except through line of sight.

1.2 Chi

The primary divergence for Mistweavers from other healers is Chi (pronounced "chee", like "cheese"). While similar to the Paladin's Holy Power, abilities have a fixed Chi cost and do a fixed amount of healing (i.e., you don't get more healing spells if you have 4 Chi instead of 2 Chi). Chi is generated both by DPSing as well as direct healing.

1.2.1 Gaining Chi

You can have at most 4 Chi (5 if talented to Ascendency), and spells cost either Chi or Mana, never both.

Jab - a melee attack that generates 1 Chi. 1.0s GCD.
Soothing Mist - our channeled, direct heal; each tick has a 30% chance of generating one Chi.
Expel Harm - an instant self-heal that also damages a nearby hostile target proportional to the amount it heals you (ignoring overheal). 15s cooldown, generates one Chi, and triggers Vital Mists.
Crackling Jade Lightning - a channeled, ranged DPS ability that has a 25% chance per tick to gain one Chi.
Surging Mist - our fast, targeted heal. Generates 1 Chi, no cooldown.
Spinning Crane Kick - a modest, 5 target AOE heal. Generates 1 Chi, no cooldown, and is affected by haste.
Renewing Mist - our AOE HoT. Generates 1 Chi.

1.2.2 Spending Chi

Several spells use Chi to function rather than mana, some of which also damage one or more nearby mobs. The simplest is to directly use the Chi to damage, via Tiger Palm and Blackout Kick. While both will cause the healing of a nearby injured target via Eminence, Tiger Palm also will generate both stacks of Vital Mists and Tiger Power, and Blackout Kick helps stack the Serpent's Zeal buff.

Enveloping Mist is a short, intense HoT that has very strong synergy with Soothing Mists (by both making SM stronger and being instant while casting SM). The short duration and high Chi cost guarantees it will not be spammed on multiple targets, however. Costs 3 Chi.

Uplift provides burst healing to all players with Renewing Mists on them. When used with Thunder Focus Tea, it also refreshes the duration of Renewing Mists on all targets. This will be a standard part of our AOE rotation. Costs 2 Chi unless glyphed, which converts the Chi cost to Mana. Successful use of Renewing Mist on cooldown, plus a well-timed Uplift plus Thunder Focus tea, can result in Renewing Mist being active on nearly 20 targets, resulting in Uplift hitting a very large number of players for a significant amount.

Thunder Focus Tea. An instant that changes the effect of the next Surging Mist or Uplift; the former is doubled in efficacy while the latter refreshes Renewing Mists as described above. Costs 1 Chi and generally is best used with Uplift, or held onto for a desperate moment of targeted healing. This can also be cast while channeling Soothing Mists.

In addition, our level 30 talents all consume 2 Chi and may prove very viable as Chi dumps:

Chi Wave, which alternates heals and damage, requires 2 Chi. It is instant (like most Monk heals) and ticks 7 times -- either 4 damage and 3 heal, or 3 damage and 4 heal. It seems to be based on proximity rather than being a truly smart heal and has undergone significant work in recent builds. Currently it heals for a modest amount (roughly double Expel Harm, but would tick up to three times) and should be targeted on a player to get three heals rather than two. Our T14 four piece bonus adds an additional hop to this ability.

Zen Sphere provides a very weak HoT as well as burst AOE healing.

Chi Burst is a direct damage ability that heals all friendly targets between you and the enemy.

Rushing Jade Wind is an AOE attack that triggers Eminence but is far more useful for the benefit it brings to Spinning Crane Kick, increasing the latter's effectiveness by 50% for 12 seconds. Used on cooldown, this buff is up 40% of the time. Depending on the situation, this is a key competitor to Uplift for AOE healing Chi spenders.

1.3 Stances

Mistweaver Monks have two stances just like Warriors or Death Knight. Switching stances reduces the monks Chi to one. Switching stances also causes the global cooldown.

Stance of the Wise Serpent
It is the normal stance for 98% or more of the time. It alters the energy bar to mana and allows to cast many healing spells that are only available in this stance. Also Eminence is only available in this stance.

Stance of the Fierce Tiger
This stance is for min-maxers only as healer. Most of your healing spells are disabled and you lose the 20% healing bonus from Stance of the Wise Serpent as well as hit and expertise. But it is possible to use Healing Sphere, Expel Harm and Crackling Jade Lightning as well as the tier 2 talents and the crowd controls. You will also gain 10% movement speed that stacks with other effects. You have a full energy bar when switching to the Stance of the Fierce Tiger first and energy as well as mana regen continue inpendent of which stance you are in. There is one main reason to switch stances: Mana conservation. For example it is possible to switch for using Expel Harm or Healing Sphere, spend the Chi on Chi Wave and switch back. Interesting fact: The healing of Healing Spheres or Chi Wave bounces is based on the current stance and not the stance it was cast in. Means it is possible to cast Healing Spheres with energy and benefit from the 20% increased healing when switching to Stance of the Wise Serpent before they are triggered.
The increased Chi generation also helps to get Mana Tea stacks, but it's important to spent all but one Chi before switching back to Stance of the Wise Serpent or the additional Chi will be lost.
The increased damage from Crackling Jade Lightning is decent but without hit this may not work out. Still it's a way to put out pressure without losing mana.

1.4  List of abilities

Blackout Kick
Melee attack used for direct damage and to stack Serpent's Zeal. Mostly used for the dps healing style. Costs two chi and should be refreshed every 30 seconds if used.

Crackling Jade Lightning
Ranged attack with a knockback, if hit in melee. The target gets a debuff and gets knocked back on the first hit with the debuff. Casting/cancelling this spell in fast succession makes it hard for enemy players to interrupt it or avoid the knockback when trying to attack. Even if a melee interrupt should hit the target will be knocked back. Also provides some healing and generates Chi.

Our defensive dispel with the standard eight second cooldown. Removes Magic, Poison and Disease debuffs.

Works like Hamstring/Improved Hamstring worked some time ago. The first application adds a slow, the second one a four second root. If the target is within ten yards of the monk when the debuff expires it is renewed to its full duration.

Enveloping Mist
Strong but short heal over time that costs three chi. Synergizes well with Soothing Mist and Life Cocoon.

Expel Harm
Self Heal that damages nearby targets. Grants one chi. Breaks crowd controls like Paralysis on enemies within 10 yards. The damage is 50% of healing, ignoring overheals. This means that if used at full health it deals no damage. Creates one chi.

Fortifying Brew
Decent defensive cooldown. Turns the monk grey.

Grapple Weapon
A ranged disarm. 40yards is pretty good and can be very helpful when countering enemies burst damage. Can be dodged like all ranged attacks.

Healing Sphere
Very strong anti-burst heal, useable as prehot as well. Detailled description under point 2.2.1

Melee attack to build up chi. Grants one chi unless specced into Power Strikes.

Legacy of the Emperor
Our only group buff. Similar to Mark of the Wild and Blessing of Kings.

Life Cocoon
When glyphed useable while stunned. It synergizes very well with Enveloping Mist and Soothing Mist. In RBGs also the hots from other classes are affected. So while it is a decent life saver to use while stunned. It reaches its full potential only if used while hots are on the target.

Mana Tea
Our mana regeneration mechanic. Every four chi spent grants one stack. If glyphed the mana return is instant, but only two stacks are consumed.

Crowd control, ranged, if talented. 4 second base duration, doubled if done from behind. Against good players that turn around fast this skill is hard to land from behind. Ideal to follow up crowd control chains.

Path of Blossoms
A skill I rarely use. The damage is low, the radius too small to unstealth enemies.

A taunt. Could at some point be useful to use on enemy pets or to put enemies in combat from range to hinder them from drinking, mounting or restealthing.

Renewing Mist
AoE hot that spreads from player to player. Detailled description under point 2.1.2.

Like all revival skills a long cast, only useable out of combat.

Very strong cooldown. It heals for more than 100k on every raid member and dispels them of magic, disease and poison effects. Can severly damage yourself if you catch too many Unstable Affliction debuffs with it. The dispel part is very helpful and the skill could be used only for that in certain situations.

Roll gives monks decent mobility. It works like a Sprint plus silence, not like Blink. Means it's possible to get controlled while in the middle of the roll. The charges reload similar to Death Knight runes. Can be used while silenced.

Soothing Mist
Our standard healing spell. Channeled and has a chance to create Chi. Very visible animation.

Spear Hand Strike
Melee range interrupt plus silence when done from the front of the enemy. Can be used while silenced.

Spinning Crane Kick
Mana-heavy AoE heal plus AoE damage ability. Effective in RBG mass battles, probably too expensive for 3v3 arenas, might work well in 5v5.

Stance of the Fierce Tiger
Rarely used stance that has energy and not mana. Detailled description under point 1.3.

Stance of the Wise Serpent
Our main stance, grants Eminence. Detailled description under point 1.3.

Summon Jade Serpent Statue
A statue with about half the monks health that increased healing done by Soothing Mist. Heals wounded targets when the Monk deals damage. Important to keep it up, but expensive mana wise.

Surging Mist
Fast and strong heal. Best used in combination with Soothing Mist. Grants one Chi.

Mistweavers get Entangling Roots while granting the druid Fortifying Brew. There are better choices.

Thunder Focus Tea
Also grants immunity to silence and interrupts when wearing the pvp 4-set bonus. In arenas it's best used with Surging Mist, while in RBGs Uplift could be the better choice. Currently this ability is bugged based on forum reports and it is possible under certain circumstances to be silenced while having the buff up. Also Thunder Focus Tea can be used while silenced and so both buff and debuff can co-exist.

Tiger Palm
Melee attack, costs one chi. Generates both stacks of Vital Mists and Tiger Power. A full stack of Vital Mists can be very helpful as mana conservation as well as instant heal. In low mana situations it is possible to build up five stacks of Vital Mists while in the Stance of the Fierce Tiger and use the instant/zero mana Surging Mist plus get one stack of Mana Tea while doing that.

Touch of Death
Not useable in PvP as Mistweaver. Sorry.

Setting up the teleport target. When using Transcendence: Transfer the monk teleports to the location at which Transcendence was used.

Transcendence: Transfer
Teleports to the location at which Transcendence was used and sets the new teleport target to the place from which the monk started the teleport. So unlike warlock portals the target is not constant.

A smaller heal on everyone having Renewing Mist. If enough players are affected this becomes really strong. Thunder Focus Tea and Uplift helps keeping it up. If it's useful for 3v3 is up for debate.

Zen Meditation
One of these spells that look great at first but turn out weaker than anticipated. "Harmful spells" means only damage spells and not crowd control. While still useful to ground shatter-combos, chaosbolt or similar burst the monk can easily be interrupted or controlled during the channel. It works without LoS, so grounding damage spells while on the other side of a pillar is working.

1.5  Passives

Brewing: Mana Tea (Passive)
Our mana regeneration mechanic. See details under point 2.4

Dematerialize (Passive)
This effect is very strong especially until all players learn to watch out for it.

Fighting Style (Passive)
Pure lore/style.

Internal Medicine (Passive)
Grants defensive magic dispel.

Leather Specialization (Passive)
5% more intelligence when wearing leather.

Mana Meditation (Passive)
50% mana regeneration during combat.

Mastery: Mastery: Gift of the Serpent (Passive)

Parry (Passive)
Swift Reflexes
Teachings of the Monastery (Passive)
Tiger Strikes(Passive)
Way of the Monk(Passive)

1.6 Diminishing Returns

[CR] = Controlled Root [CS] = Controlled Stun [DA] = Disarm [DO] = Disorient [S] = Silence 2.)  Gameplay

2.1 General healing mechanics

As Mistweaver Monks have a lot of different healing styles the next points will introduce you to the concept of these. In point 2.2 we explain how to adapt these styles when healing in pvp environements. The texts under 2.1 are heavily inspired up to copy & pasted from the excellent Mistweaver Healing Compendium, written by Arison on the Elitist Jerks forums. He plays monk under the name Valenweaver on US-Windrunner.

2.1.1 Single Target Healing

Single-target healing revolves around using Soothing Mist, Surging Mist, and Enveloping Mists. Individually, they correspond to a slow, cheap heal, a fast, strong heal, and an intense single-target HoT, respectively. When combined by casting Surging Mist during Soothing Mist, however, the target of Soothing Mist is healed instantly; likewise Enveloping Mist becomes instant while casting Soothing Mist. In short, to get the equivalent of Greater Heal, the monk would cast Soothing Mist and then immediately cast Surging Mist, augmenting Soothing Mist with Enveloping Mist when the target is particularly injured or likely to take damage (such as tank healing).

So, if one had to draw direct comparisons, then:

Surging Mist alone is a fast, heavy heal.
Soothing Mist with no Surging Mist is equivalent to slow, light heals.
Soothing Mist with Surging Mist every 1.0s is equivalent to fast, heavy heals.
Soothing Mist with Surging Mist spaced by 2-3 seconds is equivalent to slow, heavy heals.

This system currently is quite flexible, allowing for an entirely new system of single-target healing while retaining the same tension between mana and throughput that was introduced in Cataclysm. In addition, Jade Serpent Statue now will also cast Soothing Mist on a nearby target, healing for 50% of your own Soothing Mist's heals. In general, placing your Statue before the pull somewhere central will yield the best results; moving it during combat is quite costly.

Enveloping Mist provides a non-spammable HoT, but the Chi cost is high. Renewing Mist, while an infectious AOE heal, can be used on tanks and maintained on many targets via Uplift.

2.1.2 AoE Healing

There are three primary, baseline AOE heals: Renewing Mist, Uplift, and Spinning Crane Kick. The first two synergize strongly together.

Renewing Mist is best described as a cross between Restoration Druids Wild Growth and Priests Prayer of Mending. Like Wild Growth, it is an AOE hot rather than a direct heal, and like Prayer of Mending, it moves between players. The spell itself places two buffs on the target. One buff is the HoT itself, lasting 18 seconds. The other is a three stack buff, also lasting 18 seconds, that hops to another nearby, injured player when the HoT portion ticks. Four players, then, can be covered with one cast. Lasts 18 seconds and generates 1 Chi.

Uplift provides extra healing for those affected by Renewing Mist. When used with Thunder Focus Tea, it refreshes the HoT portion of Renewing Mist on all players as well. It costs 2 Chi unless glyphed for Mana cost.

Finally, Spinning Crane Kick heals all nearby allies for a modest amount. It does not trigger Eminence. It costs 16,500 Mana and generates 1 Chi.

Through talents, at level 30 the Monk can gain Chi Burst which is a linear/tight conical AOE heal costing 2 Chi. Competing with Chi Burst is Zen Sphere's detonate, which provides significant healing, but costs 4 Chi to get the full effect. At level 90, Chi Torpedo turns Roll into a healing ability that heals friendly targets the Monk rolls over, but as it competes with Rushing Jade Wind, it is not likely to be a commonly chosen ability in PvE.

In general, one might expect to maintain Renewing Mist on one group of players while using Spinning Crane Kickto heal another group; so, for a Monk who is largely DPSing from Melee, Renewing Mist would be kept on the ranged group, while a monk at range would likely keep it on the melee clump (assuming both groups expect roughly uniform damage intake).

2.1.3 DPS Healing

All Mistweavers will heal a nearby party member when dealing damage for an amount equal to 50% of the non-autoattack damage dealt via Eminence. When a Jade Serpent Statue is down (which it always should be), this healing is doubled, and when Serpent's Zeal is active, autoattack damage also provides similar healing. These heals are "smart" heals, where the Monk heals a target near herself and the statue heals a target near itself. In addition, we gain Hit and Expertise from Spirit and Attack Power from Intellect.

In general, the DPS "rotation" currently would appear to be Jab to build Chi and Blackout Kick/Tiger Palm to spend it. The two-stack buff from Blackout Kick needs renewed every 30 seconds; otherwise Chi should be spent on Tiger Palm. Every 5th Tiger Palm results in an instant Surging Mist heal as well. In addition, the Level 30 talents also provide damage and healing for 2 Chi each.

Of course, use of the generated Chi need not be for Tiger Palm and could instead be used for other heals, particularly Uplift and Enveloping Mist.

When not able to be in Melee range, Crackling Jade Lightning heals as well as has a chance to generate Chi.

Regardless of this, don't expect to be pushing large amounts of DPS. Much like Priests, don't expect a pure DPS rotation to provide massive heals. It is best thought of as a way to regenerate mana, provide some supportive heals, build Chi, and generally buy time during lulls in raid damage.

2.2 Healing in PvP environements

2.2.1 Healing Sphere

To the three healing styles presented in 2.1 there is a fourth in PvP. Healing Sphere is the strongest heal per second short of Revival and on par with Soothing Mist plus Surging Mist. It is spammable, high hps with a 0.5 second cooldown, does not need casting and goes into Smoke Bombs. This is the skill used to counter-heal burst damage like Avatar and Recklessness or pre-nerf Stampede. You can drop up to three Healing Spheres on the ground and they will only trigger if someone with less than 100% health walks/stands over them. While it is easy to use Healing Sphere on static targets, healing someone kiting away requires team coordination or you will feel like "Click on the Lightwell!-Priests".
Apart from the difficulty to land the spheres this heal grants no Chi and is taxing on mana. This means it is good for burst, our equivalent of a pre-hot but not something that can be used constantly.
If mana is very low it is possible to drop Healing Sphere in the Stance of the Fierce Tiger and switch back to receive the increased healing from the Stance of the Wise Serpent.
Our mastery procs Healing Sphere as a chance on heals. These spheres do not count to the 3-sphere limit for the targeted ones.

2.2.2 Targeted burst healing

If not in danger of being interrupted or while using our 4-piece bonus Zen Focus Soothing Mist plus Surging Mist provides huge burst healing. It is very taxing on mana and a fully geared monk could spend his whole mana within 20 seconds by using this combination. This is one of the main strenghts of monks: We can burst heal like probably no other class.

2.2.4 Healing Rated Battlegrounds

2.3 Cooldowns

Ignoring talents, we have three core cooldowns.

Zen Meditation - redirects up to five directly damaging spells targeted at fellow raid members to yourself, and reduces damage taken by 90%. 3m cooldown, broken if meleed. Channeled. This is not a raid cooldown per se, but is possibly useful as a cooldown when a tank is about to take a large magical hit.

Revival - instant raid-wide heal of significant size that hits everyone around you and clears both magic debuffs and poisons. 3m cooldown. This is our raid cooldown of note.

Life Cocoon - a useful on-demand shield that increases HoT healing on the target. The increase in HoT healing includes Soothing Mists, resulting in a larger boost that might seem otherwise obvious. This is a spell that can save a life, and can be thought of similarly to Lay on Hands (it doesn't shield for as much as LoH heals, but it likely won't be overheal since the shield will be absorbed). 2m cooldown.

2.4 Mana

While many of our abilities use Chi, most of our heals use Mana, particularly the "core" heals.

Surging Mist - a targeted heal of significant size, comparable to Flash Heal. Instant if used during Soothing Mists, or 1.5s if hard cast standalone. Effectiveness doubled with Thunder Focus Tea, and, with five stacks of Vital Mist, it is an instant and costs no mana. This is a very expensive spell, but very effective as well. Generates 1 Chi.

Soothing Mists -- 8 second channel, during which you can cast Surging Mists (which does not break the channel) as an instant that heals the target of your Soothing Mists. This synergy fundamentally changes Surging Mist and is the key to our single-target healing.

Renewing Mists - a HoT that spreads as it ticks (up to three times) and can be refreshed with Uplift under the effects of Thunder Focus Tea. The HoT lasts 18s and the spell has an 8s cooldown. This ability has no target cap, but can be on at most 20 targets (assuming perfect use of Uplift+TFT, use of RM on cooldown, and tight control over the haste-affected duration of RM). Generates 1 Chi.

Expel Harm - a reasonably-sized self-heal that damages a nearby enemy. Instant.

Healing Spheres - instant cast with a 0.5s cooldown; up to three spheres can be placed at a time. In addition, our mastery will proc similar spheres near the players we heal. Spheres can be cast under players but heal only one person. While it can be cast while moving, we generally have better options. However, the spell has relatively high HPS (higher than even Surging Mists) and a relatively efficient cost. In fact, it is our highest hpm and highest hps single-target spell, and due to the nature of how it heals only when someone is damaged, will likely have low overhealing. It is possible this spell will be a very powerful spell that affords a very different healing style.

The mechanic of casting spheres is that activating the ability gives you a ground reticle, and clicking places a spheres with the reticle remaining, meaning the spell can be spammed simply by hitting the left mouse button repeatedly for a reasonable HPS. In addition, placing them while moving is quite easy, though most likely the better choice while moving is Spinning Crane Kick.

Every 4 Chi you spend results in one stack of Mana Tea. Mana Tea can be consumed by the ability of the same name, and every stack consumed returns 4% mana of our total mana (12,000 Mana at Level 90 for most races).

This is an important cycle, so it bears repeating: Spending mana gains Chi. Spending Chi gains Mana Tea. Spending Mana Tea gains Mana. It is a cycle, but not one that is mana-positive -- basically you can never gain more mana from Mana Tea than you spent generating the Chi that was spent to gain Mana Tea stacks. It simply reduces the cost of our Chi-generating spells by refunding a smaller amount of mana later. Proper play -- not overflowing Chi and using Mana Tea when appropriate (and on cooldown, if glyphed) will result in optimal mana returns, which, in turn, means optimal longevity.

Glyph of Mana Tea is a very interesting choice. Used optimially, it means you can spend one GCD (1.0 seconds) to regain the mana from two stacks of Mana Tea in 1.0 seconds rather than the 2.0 seconds you'd have to channel unglyphed Mana Tea for. Mastering the use of this glyph -- so as to not get behind on the spending of Mana Tea stacks while maintaining a Chi-heavy cycle -- is a key proficiency of the Mistweaver and something worth mastering. If Glyphed, MT should be used on cooldown whenever possible.

Spirit, of course, also affects mana regeneration, currently at 0.5625 mp5 per point of Spirit.

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 09:55 AM

3. Talents

Tier 1
Tiger's Lust

Tier 2
Chi Wave
Zen Sphere
Chi Burst

Tier 3
Power Strikes
Chi Brew

Tier 4
Deadly Reach
Charging Ox Wave
Leg Sweep

Tier 5
Healing Elixirs
Dampen Harm
Diffuse Magic

Tier 6
Rushing Jade Wind
Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger
Chi Torpedo

4. Glyphs
Glyph of Afterlife
Glyph of Crackling Jade Lightning
Glyph of Enduring Healing Sphere
Glyph of Expel Harm
Glyph of Fortifying Brew
Glyph of Life Cocoon
Glyph of Mana Tea
Glyph of Path of Blossoms
Glyph of Renewing Mists
Glyph of Retreat
Glyph of Spinning Crane Kick
Glyph of Stoneskin
Glyph of Surging Mist Needs testing for LoS
Glyph of Touch of Death
Glyph of Transcendence
Glyph of Uplift
Glyph of Zen Meditation

5.) Gear

6.) Racials

7.) Professions

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 09:55 AM

8.) Macros

8.1 General macros

Target and focus enemy arena players
/tar [nomodifier] Arena1
/focus [modifier:alt] Arena1
/tar [nomodifier] Arena2
/focus [mod:alt] Arena2
/tar [nomodifier] Arena3
/focus [modifier:alt] Arena3
These macros are used to be able to target and focus enemy arena players fast and without clicking them.

Drinking/Eating macro for PvP
/use Coba Cola
/use Conjured Mana Buns
/use Conjured Mana Pudding
Coba Cola returns more mana than the mage food, but it doesn't restore health. The order is up for personal taste. I prefer Coba Cola over mage food.

Target party macros
/target party1
/target party2
The normal target party binds also target party pets. With these macros you can make sure to always target team members.

Target Psyfiend
/tar Psyfiend
Once enemy priests pop Psyfiend you can target and interrupt or attack and destroy them.

8.2 Healing and dps macros

Fast Chi generation
#showtooltip Soothing Mist
/cast [modifier:alt,target=player] Soothing Mist
/cast [nomodifier] Soothing Mist
Spamming this macro casts and cancels Soothing Mist. It can be used to generate Chi very fast and also to fakecast. Hitting the macro while alt is pressed will cast Soothing Mist on you instead of your target.

Renewing Mist on MouseOver, target or player

#showtooltip  Renewing Mist
/cast [modifier:alt,target=player] Renewing Mist
/cast  [target=mouseover, exists, help][exists, help][target=player] Renewing Mist; Renewing Mist
Puts Renewing Mist on the MouseOver target, if it exists, if not it is cast on the current target. If alt is pressed it is cast on you.

Crackling Jade Lightning stopcasting

#showtooltip Crackling Jade Lightning
/cast Crackling Jade Lightning
Spamming this macro makes it easy to knockdown enemy players while reducing the chance to be interrupted by chain starting and canceling the cast.

One Button Xuen and Rushing Jade Wind
/cast Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger
/cast Rushing Jade Wind
/run SetMacroSpell("Xuen",GetSpellInfo("Rushing Jade Wind") or "Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger")
Fires either Rushing Jade Wind or Xuen the White Tiger depending on talent choice.

8.3 Crowd control macros

Focus Disable

#showtooltip  Disable
/cast [modifier:shift,target=focus] Disable
/cast [nomodifier] Disable

Focus Spear Hand Strike

#showtooltip  Spear Hand Strike
/cast [target=focus] Spear Hand Strike

Focus Grapple Weapon

#showtooltip  Grapple Weapon
/cast [modifier:shift,target=focus] Grapple Weapon
/cast [nomodifier] Grapple Weapon

Focus Paralysis

#showtooltip  Paralysis
/cast [modifier:shift,target=focus] Paralysis
/cast [nomodifier] Paralysis

One button for Charging Ox Wave and Leg Sweep
#show Charging Ox Wave
/cast Leg Sweep
/cast Charging Ox Wave
/run SetMacroSpell(Stun",GetSpellInfo("Leg Sweep") or "Charging Ox Wave")
Essentially this macro makes sure you don't need to adjust your binds when switching between Charging Ox Wave and Leg Sweep. The macro will fire the selected talent.

8.4 Support and dispel macros

Dispel party and self

#showtooltip  Detox
/cast [target=party1] Detox

#showtooltip  Detox
/cast [target=party2] Detox

#showtooltip  Detox
/cast [target=player] Detox

#showtooltip  Detox
/cast [target=pet] Detox

Targeted Tiger's Lust
/cast [target=player] Tiger's Lust
/cast [target=party1] Tiger's Lust
/cast [target=party2] Tiger's Lust
Cast Tiger's Lust on the right target without targetting them first.

9.) Contributors

#4 WildeHilde

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 09:56 AM

Reserved for future content.

#5 Moreudirl

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 11:08 AM

this guide is much more nicely done/more well written than mine, but it doesnt really tell anything more than general knowledge, most of the healing styles you quote seem to favor a more pve approach, as well as the spell explanations. Most of it isnt viable in pvp :(

Well done though

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#6 WildeHilde

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 11:40 AM

Completely agree. This is why I hope for more community input.

#7 Moreudirl

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 11:52 AM

well the thread below this one is a rough guide i wrote, everyone says its helpful :)

#8 WildeHilde

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 11:59 AM

Will work it in and let you know once I'm done.

#9 Emoeritz

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 12:21 PM

Maybe you should combine these two guides?

Fadezz formating is horrible :P but there is a lot of useful information for other monk players and Hildes guide is well formated but only contains general/PvE infos.
Just let Hilde harvest your input or something like this.

#10 Blackdawn

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 12:44 PM

View PostWildeHilde, on 01 December 2012 - 09:55 AM, said:

8.2 Healing and dps macros

Fast Chi generation
#showtooltip Soothing Mist
/cast [modifier:alt,target=player] Soothing Mist
/cast [nomodifier] Soothing Mist
Spamming this macro casts and cancels Soothing Mist. It can be used to generate Chi very fast and also to fakecast. Hitting the macro while alt is pressed will cast Soothing Mist on you instead of your target.

this is a great macro to avoid interupting, BUT its not best to fast chi generation/good heal output
to make this effective, u should NOT spam it but wait for 2nd tick and THEN instantly reclick it so that u get get 3 ticks in 2seconds instead of 2

View PostWildeHilde, on 01 December 2012 - 09:55 AM, said:

2.2.1 Healing Sphere

a very useful thing i found is placing 3 spheres at ur/ur warlocks teleport location, so if u dont use them in the meantime u have a nice burstheal once u or ur lock port back after taking dmg

Edited by Blackdawn, 01 December 2012 - 01:04 PM.

one life, one chance

#11 Moreudirl

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 12:45 PM

i wrote mine really quick with the quick reply tool LOL, a friend of mine asked me to write something up. Id have to import it from word to make decent formatting zzz CBA

Edited by Moreudirl, 01 December 2012 - 12:46 PM.

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