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how do you burst as mm hunter?

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#1 Summoner513

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Posted 29 November 2012 - 06:28 PM

hello , i used to play lock up to 2.5k but i rerolled hunter for mop and i kinda suck , i played bm until now and it wasnt that bad , i could do good dmg during a cc chain but after the nerf of bm and  lynx rush  its like i cant do anything at all , its very hard to synchronize the burst and my pet get cced all the time  and also i dont like   cd based specs so im looking forward to switch to a solid spec like mm.

my main problem with mm is that i cant really put any pressure on the opponent team... its like im not even there , i never had this problem with my lock , i could easily burst something down during a cc chain  especially against 1.8k teams so i think im doing something wrong ,  my question is   when you are about to kill something how do you proceed? rotation,shot priority,tricks etc   so far i would open with powershot followed by chimera shot and spam arcane shot  is that correct?

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