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[WvW/PvX/Dungeon] Dissentient [DIS] is recruiting! [Tarnished Coast]

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Posted 27 November 2012 - 05:06 AM

Do you enjoy WvW but can't find a dedicated group to play with? Are you looking for a group of people to join you in your quest for legendaries and dungeon armor? We are the synthesis. Dissentient or [DIS] is a tight-knit Guild Wars 2 community that focuses on advanced tactics in WvW and has a soft focus on dungeon running. We pride ourselves on having a great competitive WvW experience while keeping a warm, friendly and helpful atmosphere. Whether you're looking for advanced WvW, an active dungeon running community or a group of friends, Dissentient is the answer.
Dissentient is on Tarnished Coast. Why did we choose Tarnished Coast as our home server? TC is known for three things: Having a mature and friendly community, roleplaying, and never giving up even if we're in dead last in WvW. A steadfast competitive experience where PvP and PvE can meet gracefully. This is exactly what we want to emulate at Dissentient. In WvW, we are making a name for ourselves and we want to expand our influence. We have 8 active commanders who are willing and able to organize guild members and pugs into a force that dominates all opposition.
We base our community on being in mumble, on the forums, and talking in guild chat. We expect a member to be active in either one of those three. We don't require a member to be on mumble all the time, or make a ton of posts. All we ask is to give to the community the amount of dedication that you would expect out of us.
If you are interested in joining please visit faq.dissentient.org as it tells you everything you could possilby want to know about Dissentient. Hope to see you in game and on the battlefield! If you have any questions feel free to message Zee.7498 or post in our forums!
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