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[2v2] Ret/R-Druid: How to play this comp effectively?

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Posted 26 November 2012 - 03:45 AM

Link to team: us(dot)battle.net/wow/en/arena/uldum/2v2/Masarap/

The highest I've been able to get this season (after starting late) was 1801 with a Warrior, and even that was tough. I just got back into the game a few weeks ago and have been really trying to make progress in the arena. This is usually how our games go:

We pick a target (usually the healer) and try to put pressure on him while I keep HoT's rolling on him. If we think we can force a trinket, I'll clone the other person and go into Cat Form to try to apply as much pressure as possible outside of cooldowns. If we can successfully force the trinket, then we wait for another round of DR's, CC accordingly and pop cooldowns.

Against double DPS: We try to survive the initial burst, usually forcing them to trinket because we'll cast instant CC's (NS clone, HoJ, blinding light) and go from there. Usually this matchup isn't very hard.

DPS healer: This is our problem. The team that was really giving us a hard time was DPS/pally, because freedom makes it very easy to kite my ret and the amount of pressure they can put on me makes it tough for me not to go oom or to heal efficiently. One team in particular, although I don't know if it's just because of lack of skill or not, that was giving us trouble was FDk/Pally. The constant slows + freedom from the paladin meant that my ret could not pressure the DK as easily and the DK/pally combination just kept me on the run the whole time. How should I approach the DPS healer matchup? Is it just going to require some really crisp CC chains?

Thanks in advanced. Hope to hear from you guys soon.
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