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MLS vs KFC / Warri Enhance x [Mage PoV]

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Posted 21 November 2012 - 08:49 PM

Hey everyone,

before I start please don't bash me. This is the first time I'm trying to do some "serious arena" as a mage (i have ~40 games played in 3s, almost no 2s). I am Frost (using frost armor against 2 melee setup) my Warlock used to play Destru but respeced into Demo (same win-loss ratio after respecing if that matters)

Right now my team is on 2k mmr and the only real thing that keeps us from getting fast higher ratings is KFC, Warrior Enhance + Heal and Kitty Cleave.

Our tactic is usually go for the hunter with cc from me on warrior and/or shaman but my problem is once I get out of invis I get trained 24/7.
At this point I rarely get casts off because of the gag order glyph and the crazy amount of damage the warrior does to me.
I try to pom ring at least 2 targets and root or sheep the trinket / dispell but once they get out they just start training me again (and I dont get casts off).
The only time I feel like we could score a kill is when I run to the enemy healer with invis up and deep shatter him with my orb up.

If the KFC plays with a shaman its basicly instant lose. I try to cover my alter time with a blanket silence but after my silence and small cc chain the shaman starts to spam purge me and without my barrier I have to block pretty fast.

Warrior Enhance + x:
Also no clue what to do. Once I get out of invis I get spam purged and the only thing I can do is cast pom and pray it wont get dispelled fast enough so i can ring and pet nova trinket / dispell. Getting casts off is a huge pain with the 2 kicks + silence glyph + grounding totem.

Kitty Cleave:
Usually I have to block or alter time their opener or I die. The only time we won was when I could pom ring Warri+Feral then pop cds bomb deep him with a chaos bolt and a blanket on their paladin.

I know this is a lot of text in very bad english but it feels very frustrating to queue always into the same teams and lose after 15 minutes because you cant do anything with 2 melees on you.

I can give you an armory link but EU Armory is kind of bugged right now.

Thanks in advance
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