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[Paladin] Holy - Dealing with Caster Comps

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Posted 20 November 2012 - 07:59 AM

How do you guys deal with caster comps?

I have been going on win streaks, then getting to 2050 and all of a sudden face tons of Demo/Healer/X, Mage/Healer/X, or Mage/Warrior/Healer and end up losing to all of them.

Melee cleaves haven't been a problem. I have been running KFC/Kittycleave.

I do my best to hold onto Trinket/Bubble as long as I can by throwing up Hand of Sac/pillar humping. The instant fears/CC's eventually get me to blow a trinket, then eventually bubble (that is if I am not being thrown into deeps and almost globaled).

I have seen high rated holy paladins so I am not sure how they are getting up there against all of these caster comps that we seem to be weaker than other healers against.
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