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WLS, sham dying to TreeSG/TSG within 1 min of game

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#1 Obzy

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Posted 18 November 2012 - 11:48 AM


EDIT: Noteworthy to add our warrior is still rocking a 463 heroic weapon :P

A little about my 3s team, I'm a s10 glad lock from RLS pre cunning/legendary daggers (sat 2608 rating cuz I just refused to pve lolz). My warrior got to 2200-2300 last season and my sham got up to 2600 in s6 and 2400 in s9.

Alright so We're playing WLS (I'm demo) and we pretty much obliterate most teams our last team last week went 34-6 to 2100 team rating (we like selling high teams for gold since we pretty much all went crazy buying mounts). All of the sudden this week while making a new team we started facing TreeSG and TSG and this scenario always happens...

They go for our Shaman

We go for DK hard wait for AMS and then I DSoul and my warrior avatars, our Sham dies and 2 sec later DK dies ( i use my peels when their warrior avatars aka axe toss if on dal map or blades edge i try to ask my sham to go near a ledge so i can push off the dps).

Afterwards I have nothing and warrior hpal kill me and the warrior. I really thought going so offensively hard would make them switch to being more defensive because we actually do land a kill in the 6 times we faced them in a row (literally we killed the dk every time 2 secs after our shaman died and he always died 1 minute after they connected on him).

I'm doing everything possible and our warrior does everything he can but with lich ams and zerk rage; it's hard.

If it's anything noteworthy to add our shaman's mana always drops faster than the other team's shaman and I was looking at our comp's through nadagastt's eyes and Cdew keeps his mana high up there even against TSG and TreeSG he doesn't seem like he's stressing and never dies within 1 min that the other team connected on him and Nada doesn't even axe toss peel that often...

Sorry for all this description and a lot of useless text, I just really want to know other shaman's opinion on what we or my sham are doing wrong.

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#2 Jaadyn

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Posted 18 November 2012 - 12:57 PM

They're a cleave. Trying to ham while they're going ham won't work for a comp like yours. Their job is to kill with you cooldowns. Your job is to survive cooldowns, then annihilate them.

Glyph for blitz. When their CDs go up, rotate your CC on them the best you can. Tclap, double shockwave, intervene for damage reduction/damage reduction banner/ charge for double stun/disarm the warrior's avatar, fear the DK if you're that desperate for an additional peel, though that'll only buy you a second or two. And your shaman needs to gtfo or quickly pick himself up when they're disabled. get an NS hex off ONLY if you can guarantee that the DPS won't break free of the CC, otherwise save it for heal if necessary. You have tons of peels, more than enough to survive. It's also up to your shaman to play well and know when he can cast and when he should run away to safety.

Biggest suggestion is have your warrior charge into them in D stance immediately, shockwave/fear if possible, to buy you enough time to get down your big portal. It's huge for escapes vs teams like that.

Save your damage cooldowns until after you've peeled through theirs and then you should win. There's always the chance that you may be able to full fear the healer and gib one of the DPS, too.

Tl;dr - practice.

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