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how to improve

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#1 licio

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Posted 17 November 2012 - 04:30 AM

so i have been playing wow/pvp/arena since fall of the linch king.
i have played priest, warrior and rogue.
i played most with rogue and by the middle of cata i was able to get the fursdest i have ever got
1600 RBG and 1700 2s, nothing to brag about.
my problem is the following:
i have reached a plateau, from the middle of cata until now, i cant get past the landmarks mentioned above. i have tried switching servers, playing other classes to learn them inside out, read everything on the internet about pvp, dueled for hours, played with different ppl, switched factions, made my own guild, lead rbgs/arena teams, etc...
i cant get any higher rating.
i dont know if the problem is with me. if it is, how do i identify the problem?

everyone wants higher rating but i have come to the conclusion that they dont want to put in the effort. i dont know how accurate the conclusion is.... the biggest factor that led me to this is that most ppl activelly play 2-3 characters and to me that means lack of commitment...what u guys think?

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#2 Journ_Darkspear

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Posted 18 November 2012 - 04:24 AM

Watch arena livestreams. You will learn the common arena "language" as to how people communicate with others on voice chat, how different comps fare against each other, addons, awareness, etc.

As for finding committed teammates; make them want to keep playing with you by being the best you can be (and using what you learned from watching streams).
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