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[A] LF RBG teams US

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Posted 16 November 2012 - 07:13 AM


Class: I am currently playing warrior/feral
Spec: both specs
Current Rating: 1700, only played 10 games this season
Experience: 2400 experience, 2200 achievment

A little bit about me, i used to play in this guild called clarity on blackrock alliance. We had a good team in cata playing at 23-2500 mmr. BR alliance died in mid cataclysm and so did my guild and our team. I transfered to a low pop server to play with friends and chill.

Now with Real id BG's i would like to play again. 2400 ach arena and have beat some of the top rbg teams in the biz.

links to our vids:

Vs. Reckful and Co.

vs. Stay at home dads

Vs. Adept

If anyone is running and needs more my real id is Djbaucom@gmail.com

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