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Rets in RBGs : what's wrong ?

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#1 Strear

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Posted 13 November 2012 - 12:04 PM


I'm a casual, mostly playing with my guild, we're all trying our best to progress on the path to RBGs (And casual doesn't mean we don't have high rated objectives, at least we're doing our best in terms of serious and investment on our characters and team). I've played paladin since I started playing the game, in BC.

I'm coming here to ask to you something, experienced, and mostly high-rated PVP players.

I read in most of our Paladin forums, that we, Retribution, are mostly unwanted in RBGs. Of course, I'm not concerned at our ranking :-), but I don't like the idea (and hope !) that " If we do very well ", at some ranking, something would stop the team success because I'm playing the wrong DPS class.

Everyone seems to say that " Paladins are very well balanced ", " Swiss Army Kinves ", but that sadly " The " specialists " in DPS or Healing do what you do better ". It gives me the feeling that being a Hybrid is a weakness and not a strength in a team. I can help wherever someone's making an error, give offheals, burst, ... etc. Can't a good ret paladin bring something good to his team, to complete or catch some mistakes, give a bonus by his tools ?

I'm playing a warrior too (but I don't play it very well to be honest, even if working hard), and I don't have that feeling I'm doing better than with my Ret.

You, who belong to RBG teams, or even lead some, would you agree that we have no room in RBGs, that we don't bring utility ? What's missing ? Will 5.1 change anything ?

I'm holding on, and have fun with my ret (which is the most important), but It sometimes remembers me, in BC, when I played PVE and read " No, Paladins don't tank ". I fear that people tend to acquire that reaction, no matter how good you are, " Ret ... no RBG ".

But I still hope to get an answer " No matter the team rating, I'd take a good ret paladin in our team ".

Thanks in advance :-)
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#2 Thazable

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Posted 16 November 2012 - 03:11 AM

Well I just did RBG's to hit 2200 asap but my group were ok with me being ret, first of all a good player is most of the time the better choice regardless of his specc. You will never pull out this insane aoe dmg like a dk that's clear but it's not like you aren't worth anything, most people don't take rets to RBG's because they just want to do it as easy as possible and at this state a warrior or a dk is just better.
But to be honest if it comes to killing a flag carrier or defend something as long as possible a ret can just pull out retarded options with all cd's up. As I said I just wanted to hit 2.2k asap and now I don't care about RBG's any longer, but I still have my place as a ret in my group for RBG's and they'll always ditch random dk's for me so I guess as long as you're ok with the people and don't play like full retard mode engaged you won't do bad in RBG's as a ret.

And yeah sometimes I ended up defending a base like 5 games in a row and I just chilläxed the whole game, don't get sad, this happens. :D

Hope that helps. (:
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#3 Asmodean

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Posted 16 November 2012 - 08:56 AM

We also have a ret in our RBG group. As the previous poster said, good for deffing and also good for focusing something down.
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#4 Regent

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Posted 17 November 2012 - 04:29 AM

It heavily depends on the comp you are running. Rets generally don't have good sustain, but can burst extremely hard. I would say rets are much better in RBGs than they were in Cata.
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