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Warrior's best friend for 2s?

warrior partner 2s setup thoughts best skills class

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Posted 12 November 2012 - 12:51 PM


I play Warrior right now as Arms to have some fun in PvP, I really enjoyed playing Warrior at every expansion and Warrior really seems legit in MoP too, so now I'm looking for your expertise and thoughts about what's my best choice to get as 2s partner?

Some quick information about why you think that class would be the perfect partner for a warrior, what's the pros/cons about this setup?
Also what rating do you think this setup could get with some decent skills?

Let me know what you think

Best Regards
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#2 TteSPORTSDoomsen

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Posted 12 November 2012 - 01:49 PM

I can only talk about the Warrior / Healer part since that is the only thing I see around my 2s rating.

Warrior Hpala

Pros: A lot of CC, Freedom, Hand of Protection incase you should ever be close to dying, and of course big heals. (In my opinion the best Warrior comp by far)
Cons: Can't think of any huge cons
Decent rating: Getting above 2k shouldn't be a big issue if played correctly, it will just take loads of time

Warrior Shaman
Pros: An unkillable healer (that also counts for the HPala), a lot of CCs to keep you a live such as Earthshield, Healing Tide, their Avatar, Purge, which is really helpful especially against resto druid / mage teams.
Cons: Maybe in a mirror vs. a holy paladin the shaman would die as first but not quite sure about that.

Those are all Warrior comps I can think of, of course Warrior / Hunter still exists but after the Stampede nerf it's not even close to being as good as it been at the season start.

I hope I helped you a bit.
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#3 JackBlackxx

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Posted 12 November 2012 - 02:36 PM

warrior pala / shaman, both good I guess :) since it's a warrior in the team!
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Posted 12 November 2012 - 09:45 PM

Thanks for the replies, I've tried to play some with a shaman(just for fun) but I must say that Warriors really reck through a rshaman really damn hard, with all the cooldowns it's not really hard to rip through a dreadfull/malevolent rshaman, both the guy i've runned with and also the opposite teams rshamans dies like flies imo, but something I can't find to figure out how to kill is resto druid though, they seem to be unkillable in 2s and what do you guys think about warrior+rdruid 2s team I've heard from others that it's pretty damn good.

Hpala+warrior seems interesting, played that back in wotlk/cata
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