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Question about haste break point for moonkin and other dots class

Moonkin haste break point

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Posted 10 November 2012 - 01:08 AM

Hi guys,
I was browsing the druid forum the other day and come across the topic of stat priorities for moonkin.
Looks like most people are saying go for 5300ish haste for the first extra dot then go for either crit or mastery.

It made sense at first, then I started thinking: in an arena match, do we really care about the extra tick of dots? Most of the time, my dots get dispelled, reapplied, refreshed before they run out of their duration. I only care about how fast they tick, not how many ticks they do for the whole duration.

Of course we are only talking about the haste and dots here. More haste does give you the faster cast, cc and heal and faster global.

So the question is, why is everyone going for the first break point before they consider other stats. Or if haste is so good, don't we want to stack more even our haste will end up in between two break points?
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