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TSG-DK pov

warrior pally deathknight TSG KFC/God comp

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#1 Nakedindian

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Posted 09 November 2012 - 12:30 PM

Im currently TSG as a Frost DK and I was wondering what other DKs are doing in this comp against other popular 3's. Mainly god comp/KFC, and also what talents/glyphs DKs are rolling with.

Last night my team was at 1844 and climbing until we faced mainly god comps and KFC that just seemed to out CC our heals too much. It seems as though our CC's just aren't on-par with most comps right now and just leave us vulnerable too many times.

Should the pally be spamming there healer with there CC whenever its off cold down?

Currently I have chillblains but think i might have to go asphyxiate for more frequent CC. Any DK's try this out? Im wondering if our pallys freedoms will allow me enough time on target.

My 90 tier talent is remorseless winter and I'm torn because i feel like other then my survivability our weakest link in our comp is our lack of CC however im wondering if I get asphyxiate, I should then get desecrated ground for another trinket(im human lol) and for added time on target. Glyphs are anti magic,presence, and dark simulacrum.

KFC we've sat hunter most of the time but it seems like they can line a kill before we can strang for a kill.

Against God comps we normally try and train the mage but it normally leaves there priest to free cast us,CC our healer, and also lets there heals clone all the time.

Lastly against kitty cleave we normally go very hard on there feral but he normally makes us quickly peel by how good feral is at just kiting away now.Sometimes I can dark sim a cyclone and it will allow us to set up a kill but that's rare.  Any advice on how to initiate against kitty cleave would be great as well.

Any basic tips or hints from DK pov would be awesome, but even wars/pallys that might have some input that'd be much appreciated.

#2 Nakedindian

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Posted 10 November 2012 - 12:59 PM


#3 Aggrot

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Posted 22 November 2012 - 03:54 AM

Well i'm not a gladiator but i'll try my best, currently running a TSG comp on my warrior. You've got a PM

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