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Does anyone still care about PVP?

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#1 Ctuhlu

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Posted 07 November 2012 - 08:38 PM

Unfortunately for me, the thing I feared most about GW2 PVP has made me (for the moment) lose interest: the conquest gametype is boring as shit. This game has so much potential but ... man. It's sad. ArenaNet neutered their own game in only offering one gametype -- and it made sense. One game type is easy to balance and allows for focus in terms of esport promotion.

The thing is, they haven't provided any of the infrastructure required for an esport, so all we're left with is boring PVP. What's worse is that casual sPVP is 8v8, making it completely not worth playing. It's such a mindless zergy clusterfuck that I don't understand why there isn't a 5v5 option.

GW2 got so many things right in terms of PVP -- dodging, no gear grind, level 1 max-level PVP, good balance, every class viable -- but it doesn't matter if the PVP isn't fun. It does feel FPS-like in its lobby-style implementation, but having one gametype would be death for an FPS and I don't think they realized that.

God, arenas in GW2 would be so fucking amazing.
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we have to switch to them making the decision to pop reck or not to pop reck

#2 Salinelolz


Posted 08 November 2012 - 05:17 AM

Yeah, I unfortunately started to feel the same way in the last day or so... I was having a lot of fun playing GW2, but I took a day or two off for Halo 4, and it was like, why would I even go back to GW2?

I love the game, but it so inactive, and their lack of support of PvP is astonishing... Everything for PvP is set up so perfectly, if they had waited a month, and released it with privately owned servers and an ELO system, I have no doubt it would be huge.

As it is though, a single person streaming League can get more viewers than all of GW2 streams combined.

The one saving grace that this game has is that it's free to play (minus the $60 upfront), which means if they do come out with a big PvP update, people will get into it much more quickly than on a monthly pay schedule like WoW, simply because most people who would be interested in the game would have no cost to trying it out again.
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#3 Hyrmine

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Posted 08 November 2012 - 12:42 PM

So will the great Cthulu come back to WoW?
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#4 Gikkis

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Posted 09 November 2012 - 03:14 PM

GW2 PvP is boring for exactly the reasons you described.

In addition to that, I do not think the game brought very much to the MMO PvP scene either. The dodge mechanic was a failed implementation imho. Yes it seems cool to have the skill cap increased by including a dodge mechanic, but all it actually did was force the developers to implement noticeable animation delays when attacking so that your opponent can see signs of what is going to happen and then try to dodge it if they want. This in turn creates the feeling of a slightly lagged combat pace in PvP, which is incredibly noticeable when coming from WoW which has perfectly smooth and fluid combat.

As for the no gear grind, everyone will agree without thinking that this sounds like a great idea. The fact of the matter however is that having stuff to do is important. GW2 got boring very fast for me because everything was made to friendly and easy, they just handed you whatever you wanted instantly. I can be a level 1 and pvp at max level with max gear? sounds great.. except its not. I had not attachment to the character, I had not earned any of that gear, I had nothing to gradual work on, it was bad. Working for and earning things is important, and one of the major holy grails of RPGs is character progression, and if this aspect is eroded the consequences are disastrous.

At this point, i think GW2 is a bit of a flop. It came in hard and I think its already beginning to fade. I doubt they will be able to recover from it as it continues to slowly fade into obscurity. WoW pvp is just plain better, and people will be looking to future games to truly out do WoW, because we all know GW2 did not achieve that.
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#5 rahmo

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Posted 09 November 2012 - 07:21 PM

GW2 PvP is boring for exactly the reasons you described.

I am not sure you replied to enough threads to ram home your opinion.

The dodge mechanic was a failed implementation imho.

Plenty of people would disagree with you here.

WoW pvp is just plain better, and people will be looking to future games to truly out do WoW, because we all know GW2 did not achieve that.

As someone who has been playing since vanilla beta, and arenas since season 1.. I don't agree with 'just plain better.'

Wow is more fluid, and I really like the team deathmatch mode, ladders, focus system etc. However there are also elements of gw2 pvp I love, and as a casual player (i.e. 1 level 80 and 1 rank 10) I am still really enjoying GW2 pvp although I would love to see arenas (hell, they were the only thing about Gw1 I really enjoyed.. no idea why they dropped them).

The problem is that people were expecting a lot more, especially after 2.5 months, and they are still a long way off some much needed features/additional game modes. Fortunately as it is a subscription free model people can go away and come back in 6 months when hopefully things have improved, unfortunately many probably won't be willing to give it a second chance assuming things do improve.

If in 6 months, they have monthly tournaments for money, with spectator clients etc. I think people will start returning, but maybe I am just being optimistic. :)
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