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PvP Server on EU

server pvp eu beginner

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Posted 06 November 2012 - 03:48 PM

Going to keep this short since probably a lot of people bother you guys with this question. On my server there is pretty much NO ONE PvPing on Alliance (Frostwolf) on Horde its still pretty bad but not as bad.

I want to play arenas again (Spriest) however I do not have a high rating (highest I've ever gotten was 1900 I think back in TBC) and am thinking about transferring but I do not know on what server I should play.

Thinking about the following:

Stormscale (Horde)
Aegwynn (Alliance)
Eredar (Horde)

My English is alright so I wouldn't mind playing on Stormscale but somehow I get the feeling it might be like on Tichondrius (US) where everyone is just a elitist fanboi and I might not find anyone to play with since I don't have high ratings.

I'm open for suggestions.
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