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Resto Druid Help: Macros, Targeting and Action Bar Setup

resto druid macros hotbar actionbar action bar question

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Posted 05 November 2012 - 04:04 PM

Hi guys, my Resto Druid alt is finally 90 and I'm looking for some general help with macros, targeting and my action bars.

I've never played a healer in PvP so I'm not quite sure how targeting works. I imagine there's quite a few ways to do it, clicking, macros or even some sort of addon. Should I be setting up mouseover macros or what? What do you recommend?

I looked in the stickied Resto Druid thread in the Druid forum, but it's almost 2 years old now and the macros don't seem to work. What should I be using other than the obvious (focus cyclone, etc).

Action Bars/Hotkeys:
I think I'm going to put all of my primary buttons (123456RSTFQE) on a seperate bar so that when I shapeshift into Bear or Cat I can still pop out and heal instantly, are there any other tricks or setups that you'd recommend?

I think that's about it, I should be fine to learn the mechanics of the Druid once I get all this nitty gritty stuff out of the way.

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