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Posted 05 November 2012 - 11:02 AM

First of all I'd like to say hi to everyone since this is my first post on the forums :)

And sorry if the topic suggests so but no, this is not a beginners guide. This is an appeal for one.

I have been previously concentrating on pve and I'm really new with the whole arena thing. Anyways I found out that this place would be the best source of information for that matter, kinda like EJ for pve I hear.

The problem: I can't read english. I mean not the arena english. There's so much terms like "locked" which I have no idea what they mean and it's difficult to get the most out of the posts that might include crucial information. I noticed you guys had this idea of "How to become a gladiator"- guide series but it seems that if fell a little too short since after reading the first article I was super excited about the content: macros, ui, bindings, positioning, practical tips when fighting some situation etc. I'm assuming that all the key concept and glossary would've been introduced as well along with everything else.

I have found that there are some articles and guides that focus on some specific areas mentioned above but I personally find some of them are hard to read and they are really scattered around places.

I play holy paladin in the arena but I get it that it's probably a too small of a niche to write a guide just concentrating on that alone, but I would assume that there is a demand for an entry-level pvp-guide, possibly just scratching the surface but enough to create the basis from what to build up. I noticed that there are 3 holy paladin guides already but they seemed quite out-of-date and focused on quite precise matters such as talent builds and races to choose and included very little of any advice on the actual gameplay.

I'm not going to be a gladiator, I just like playing with my friends with a light atmosphere but yet I really do like to win. At the moment we are struggling with matters such as who do we go for first from the opposing team.

Naturally the best way would be to learn by playing with the good players who would teach me while we fight but let's be honest here; no one has the time or will to go hand-in-hand with a newbie at 1300.
I realize that I need to learn a lot better to know the other classes and I have started to study them but that takes sometime. In the meanwhile it would be cool if there could be found even a glossary on arena terminology that would help reading these awesome forums that you guys are keeping up.

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