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Shadowpriest in MOP

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Posted 04 November 2012 - 01:47 PM

I just picked up MOP on a whim and i have a few questions about priests in MOP

1. New talents and spells, Psyfiend i understand how to use but there are some spells im not too sure about.
a. Phantasm, Can i use this to get any cast of against casters?
b. Spectral Guise, Does this work as intended and what can i do while in stealth? Can i cast shadow spells without breaking it? Can i heal without breaking it?
c.Halo, Does it work as both a damaging spell and a healingspell or is it depending on who gets hit first, ally or foe?
d. Void Shift, seeing as it has a very long cooldown do you save this for those OH FUCK MY LIFE moments or do you use it freely? Me personally would like to use it to keep momentum going if lets say my partner is under pressure but have a huge dump to put on someone.. hope that made sense..

2. Glyphs in arena, i have read and seen on streams that you now can change glyphs in waiting room depending on what comps you face. I understand why taking glyph of massdispell vs anything with a mage or druid but is there any other comps where swapping glyphs is a must?
Also can you change talents aswell or is it just glyphs?

3. Comps for shadowpriests, can you name some strong comps?
I'm thinking Shadow/mage/x and Shadow/feral/x would be pretty strong but wich is the most 'fun' shadowpriest comp to play atm?

4. Mana, how are shadowpriests for mana in long games? How do you regen mana as shadow now? Can you still use disperse like a mongoloid and still not die or will you get punished if you missmatch that?

Thanks to whoever finds time to answer these questions.

With love, Anjinsan
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