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[LGN]LEGION For We Are Many -[US] Blackgate

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Posted 29 October 2012 - 06:34 PM

General Information

Guild Name: LEGION

Guild Master: Thirin

Assistant GM: Brigonos

Chapter Leader: Diz

Server: Blackgate

Time Zone: All North American

Playstyle: PvP (primary), PvE (secondary)

Minimum Age: 18

Voicechat: Ventrilo

Website: http://www.the-legion.com

LEGION's Accomplishments
A few accomplishments of the guild:

Featured in the Ultima Online “Official Strategy Guide.”

Interviewed by IGN for the Age of Conan MMO

First guild, of its server, in Age of Conan to lay down a structure and successfully siege an
enemy city.

First of its server to create a guild in Rift; first Master Crafter title across all Rift

One of the first guilds in Guild Wars 2 to earn a Commander's Compendium

TORWars.com interview

Invited by Bioware to attend the 2012 “Star Wars: Nights of the Old Republic Guild Summit" in
Austin, Texas.

Who We Are

LEGION is a North American guild that has its roots back in the ancient days of Ultima Online.
Unlike many other guilds from then we not only exist, but have grown, and prospered over the last 15 years. We have no desire to become a huge guild or zerg army; we operate more like several Special Forces units. A small team who communicates well can eliminate many times their number easily who do not understand the critical importance of tactics and communication. We have perfected this over our years of existence. Guild Wars 2 is a perfect platform to demonstrate our skill in this area and we are excited to be a part of it. We have a 75+ man Ventrilo server, a strong web presence, and very active forums.

What We Are Looking For

We are looking to increase our numbers in Guild Wars 2. LEGION will only have as many members as needed to accomplish their goals. LEGION is not only looking for dedicated players that will contribute to the LEGION but members that will put LEGION first, even before their own in game interests. We encourage you to join us on the forums and in Ventrilo. In the past we've had members online at all hours of the day and night. Groups will be available on a regular basis so that LEGION members can progress more efficiently. If LEGION appeals to you and you wish to join please submit an application on our webpage.

LEGION Recruitment Process

First and foremost, LEGION members are killers who are bred for strife. When battle begins, you
must react instinctively. He who hesitates or is uncertain in the face of battle is lost; LEGION
has no place for such persons. Please read the full LEGION Code before applying.

1. Fill out an application and register on the LEGION Forums.

2. After applying and registering applicants are tagged as LEGION Recruits on the forums and ingame.

3. Post an introduction message in the New Recruit Welcome Page.

4. Recruits should be active in the LEGION forums. This is strongly encouraged so that recruits
and members can become familiar with each other.

5. Recruits should be in game regularly (always signed in to Ventrilo) and actively grouping with
LEGION members and other recruits.

6. A short Ventrilo interview will take place within one week of your application.

7. A decision to promote from “Recruit” to “Member” will be based on performance.
The Recruitment Process, from application to decision, will normally take one month. It is
important to note this is not a set time frame and will be determined for each recruit
individually based on their performance.


Q: What makes LEGION unique?

A: There are several unique features about our guild. First and foremost, there are few guilds
that can claim they have been around for 15 years. Our age proves that we have stability. New
LEGION members will never wake up to find their guild disbanded. Our membership consists of
selfless, devoted players who need very little guidance. Our player base is a seasoned group of
individuals who work collectively to make our guild great. It is this that allows LEGION to
dominate in our chosen game. New players will also find a sense of family in our guild since some of the members have been playing a very long time together. When new players are accepted and brought into the fold they are treated as equals from day one. We have gamers from just about every age group from college age up through coming close to drawing Social Security!

Q: How often does LEGION have planned events?

A: LEGION typically has 4 to 5 planned events per week. However, throughout the week you can
expect to have 7 days of activity; this includes PvP and PvE events both small and large, guild
meetings, and so forth.

Q: What is LEGION’s rally call and why is it important to the guild?

A: LEGION’s rally call is initiated by leadership for an important purpose in game. This could
mean guild mates are being griefed, LEGION’s assets are under siege, or a target of opportunity as been identified. As stated above our members are required to put the guild first, for that reason when a rally is called members are expected to drop what they are doing and respond. Rallies are only called when considered necessary by leadership.

Q: What ranks does LEGION have within its guild?

A: LEGION, by design, does not have ranks. This means that everyone is of equal standing in the guild, whether they are the Guild Master or the newest member. We work as one close-knit group.

Q: What is LEGION’s policy on griefing?

A: The textbook definition of griefing is considered ruining another players gaming experience
through no fault of their own. As a very PvP oriented guild we draw a rather huge line between
that and “griefing” our enemies. When two highly competitive PvP guilds go head to head this
behavior is quite common. A true PvP guild will never complain of griefers. LEGION was born in
one of the harshest MMO’s in existence, Ultima Online. We have no problem with being griefed or griefing other people who have crossed us. We expressly do not target newbies or others unless they somehow are impeding our goals. We pride ourselves on martial skill, and cherry picking low level players shows the exact opposite that you have no skill whatsoever.

Q: How does LEGION handle disagreements among its members?

A: LEGION has a wide range of diversity within its membership ranging from different cultural
backgrounds, age, sex, and the way we perceive the world. Disagreements can happen, and as adults we hope that a common middle ground can be found and be solved quickly within the people who are involved. If the situation escalates further, leadership will swiftly step in and find a solution that’s unbiased and logical. We have a “no drama” atmosphere and our solutions have served us well for 15 years.
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Posted 01 November 2012 - 11:10 PM

New Tpvp additions are bringing the fun to Tpvp!
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Posted 07 November 2012 - 11:42 PM

Check us out if you're looking for a great gaming community!
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