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[EU][sPvP][Blacktide] The Unnamed recruiting for tPvP

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#1 Luxiom

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Posted 21 October 2012 - 07:44 PM

The Unnamed Recruiting!
Looking for players for dedicated tournament-teams and overall sPvP
English speaking, EU based, on Blacktide server

Are you looking for a stable and organized guild to do sPvP with? Do you want dedicated PvPers with multi-game experience in team based PvP to practice strategy and tactics with? The Unnamed wants to offer you a new home where you can grow as a player and where your input will be valued as part of the team.

We are currently running two successful stable tournament-teams that places no.1 more often then not, and are now looking to set up a third team. We practice regularly at least two times a weak with well developed strategy and concepts. We also have a base of semi-casual sPvP players and want to grow that base a bit bigger to foster our common growth as a PvP based guild and offer the best environment for our players.

The Unnamed is an old guild with a long history. PvP have always been the focus with games like SWTOR, Rift and Warhammer Online under the belt. English is our language but we are spread out over Europe so even if we go for quality in players over quantity you will seldom log-in to en empty guild-chat.

In GW2 we have been a noticeable presence in WvW and starting to make a name in sPvP. As players seldom want to leave the guild, even if they focus on other games we have smaller groups of members that play games like LoL or CS, alwyas with the PvP action at heart!

Please get in touch with us! Visit our recruitment page or simply www.the-unnamed.com. If you fill in a good enough application we will be happy to offer you a two week trial with our tPvP teams!

Feel free to contact Luxiom.8279 in-game!

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#2 Papaganoosh

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Posted 26 October 2012 - 10:09 AM

Good morning all,

Papa here, SPvP officer for the Unnamed guild. Just to add to what Lux has said above, we have just opened (this week) our application process to the public for SPvP.

If you think you have what it takes then throw us an application. I am mainly looking for Rank 20 and above, however, if you feel you are an exceptional candidate and just haven't had the time to put in the hours yet, then apply, we can have a chat and you might get brought into the fold.

I am specifically looking for 2 members (Rank 30+) for our flagship team run by me. In the last 100 or so tournaments we have won around 95%, but sadly two of our members left for personal reasons and travel.

General applications should go to the Unnamed webpage above.

Specific applications can PM me on Papaganoosh.7908 in game.

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#3 Luxiom

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Posted 29 October 2012 - 12:41 PM

A shameless bump...

Almost, I do have some more information actually :)

The initial recruitment went really well and after some re-shuffling and organisation we now have 4 (!) regular tPvP teams running organized practice multiple nights a week.

We have 4 dedicated sPvP Captians working together to foster our sPvP community and build our own knowledge of the game. We now have a range of options to offer that takes in the whole casual to hardcore scale in view of time commitment. On an effort and ambition level we are all "hardcaore", aka we play to win :)

If you are a quality player AND person and think you would fit in with the family, please give us a word!
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#4 Papaganoosh

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Posted 11 November 2012 - 10:49 AM

There are now two spots free on our Team 1 (my team). This team has two PvP officers, but sadly three members have left on holiday and from the game. If you think you have the skill for our first team, throw an application on the website below.
We are especially looking for Crowd Control engineers and a dual purpose player with Bunker Guardian and DPS characters

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