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first few days of arenas down

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#1 lobster

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Posted 06 October 2012 - 05:00 PM

What are ya'lls thoughts??

Obv bm is pretty silly damage. Marks and surv are pretty clownshoes as was expected (although surv can do some pretty decent pve damage).

Overall im pleased. We have enough tools to seperate from the poopdicks hunters and can hold up against the other classes in general.

If i had a gripe it wouls be that hunters just dont feel natural to me. Prob because i havent played in so long and the class is vastly diff now, I still occasionally try to joust wing clip people for instance.

My damage feels clunky. I mean its fucking dumb to be sure but i dont feel in charge of it. Mostly, i assume, bc i have to rely on a half retarded pet. Its so engrained in me to use pets as ancillary tools to stop drinks and rezzes and restealths that occasionally he goes all wonky and isnt where i need him

Marks and surv had a finesse to them. I always knew when and where my damage would come from with aimed/chim and lock n load etc. Just takes getting used to i suppose.

Either way we do fucking retarded damage. I was playing some fives (up to around 1800 2.2k mmr running 2.7 wuth a druid instead of a priest) and every single game i was highest damage. I usually had an extra digit on everyone else. Prob going to run a kfc up to 2100 or so monday to get my cap up.

How do you kids that are getting higher feeling so far?

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#2 NickyEU

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Posted 06 October 2012 - 06:06 PM

I agree, I have lost the feeling where I was in complete control of my damage output. Instead of dancing around as marksman in a précise choreographed dance doing things when I knew I had to do things I am not forced into a chaotic playstyle with sudden, unexpected damage from pet critting millions of damage.

Sadly I do not agree that the current Meta is good and provides us with tools to separate derp hunters from the rest, atleast not as well as Marksman did. I often find myself in situations when facing other hunters thinking “Oh great we won this, I did everything twice as good as that hunter” and then within a second it is turned due to retarded damage output. But I guess that is to be expected this early.

Now that I am starting to get more experienced teams, especially in 3vs3, people start to not just “let me” do the damage. People are getting aware of the pets, killing pets, slowing my pets and healers are getting a lot better at surviving the burst. This again is fine, but I still do not enjoy that my enemies have to be retarded cautious to not get 1…2…3… killed by me.

P.S. I miss marksman :(
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#3 acushi

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Posted 07 October 2012 - 03:22 AM

The dmg from MM is worse than clown shoes guys :(
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