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Best swapout team to compiment warr + pally ?

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#1 Havok

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Posted 19 August 2007 - 10:26 PM

Me and my warrior friend have been doing 2v2 and resently broken the 2k mark. We desided to focus on 2v2 but we still dont have full arena gear and that realy slows us down as prety much all the other teams on 2k+ in our batelgroup are full arena geared. So one time we beat a pala + lock setup and got about 20 ponts off them... next game they come back with a frost mage and the same lock. Ofc we had no chance agains that(full glad n stuff). So we desied to do this too because we could use higher rating to get our gear faster(also the incoming nerfs to BoS and BoF will make us even weaker). But swaping out just 1 doesnt seem so good as most combos with pala or warr in them are weak against all the combos pala+warr is weak against. So we desided to get another team in and have a full swap when the 2x caster teams come. Curently we are thinking 27\34\0 warlock and a rogue to cc 1 one and nuke the other fast.

Problematic combos for wich we want to swich:
priest(any)\lock(any.. well not destro but there are none of them anyway)
frostmage + any non healer (offspec healers are even worse)
2x frostmage
2x priest

So what is the best setup to beat those teams? And is pala + something viable against them (i'm sure its not but still)?

Can you please also comment on Rogue + 27\34 lock vs those setups. It is easyest for us to get 2 of them.


I always try to buble b4 i get silenced.. but droping an SL lock in 15-20 sec is problematic for my warrior friend atm(i'm not talking bad geared teams... they are no problem. More like those 13k hp 400 res ones)... and any longer usualy means we lost. because after the buble when the CC hits me even if he finishes off the lock he will propobly die to the dots + teammate (hardly have time to dispell the dots... more like HL spam).

And i supose you are sugesting a resto druid+sl lock?

Yep that is exactly what we want to do.
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#2 Iceweaver

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Posted 20 August 2007 - 12:53 AM

That was a pretty wierd post but if you really want to swap teams out just get a lock/druid

And you CAN beat to casters. Bubble early, drop lock.
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#3 Dinadass

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Posted 20 August 2007 - 02:30 AM

Probably the most problematic team matchups for you as a war/pal will be teams with warlocks and mages. If you're just looking for another combo that could play instead of you guys if there are a bunch of warlock teams playing or whatever, things like rogue+priest, rogue+druid, etc.
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