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Elemental Shaman Viability?

3v3 elemental shaman

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Posted 22 September 2012 - 01:18 PM

Seeing as I haven't played ele since S8 I was wondering, how you guys think they will fair out in MoP? I had to play resto all through cata and I really didn't like it more so because I liked being the one doing the damage instead of pillaring like a boss and avoiding cc while mindlessly spamming rip tide/cleanse. I've been doing nothing but playing elemental since 5.0.4 and it feels so great finally having a defensive CD makes such a difference (even though I miss the old astral shift back in wrath) loving the new roots (being able to pull people out of stealth so much easier with them) Having another CC our new stun totem is nice especially when paired with totemic projection. Also our off heals even though I know their op right now, feels solid. It's REALLY nice not being the trained/kill target when I do wargames I don't feel like I'm going to just get globalled especially with astral shift (even though I have been globalled a few times LOL frostbomb). Right now at 85 I feel like we are great but at 90 I have no idea how we are going to be. I know with having Ascendance and Elemental blast is going to be added to our burst (which I can't wait for) I just hope it will be enough to be on par with other casters and I hope it's not going to be a repeat of S9 where in the pre patch to cata Elementals were ridiculous and then at 85 they were crap (not damage wise but survivability wise) and no one wanted to play with an ele. If they are viable which I hope to god they are, how do you guys think these comps will do?
Which do you think will be the best way to go?

LSD(Destro, ele, Rduid) <<< my favorite S8 comp
MSD (Frost mage, Ele, Rdruid)
PSD (Spriest, ele, Rdruid)
WSD (warrior, ele rdruid or hpally)

I also don't know how monks will do but any information will definitely be helpful, I just want to play my spec because I don't want to heal anymore. I want to pew pew.

One last mention/questions which Glyphs and talents at level 90:
Totemic projection + cap glyph for clutch CC or
Totemic restoration for faster cd groundings and tremors and thunder glyph (Also does anyone know if the thunder glyph stacks with 4 piece? if so that would be ridiculous and amazing)
And last but not least Healing tide totem or Ancestral guidance at 90?
(currently running with tide but was thinking if I get un-interrupted burst Ancestral guidance would out heal healing tide)

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
I appreciate any and all feed back!
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