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Class for Arena in MoP?

Ret Enhance

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#1 T3kniqe

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Posted 19 September 2012 - 04:09 AM

TL:DR at bottom <3

I'm kind of torn between what class/spec I really want to play in Pandaria. I would guess that I'm an average player, my ratings have kind of fluctuated between 1800 and 20xx's. I feel like playing melee in Pandaria as it is what I enjoy most. However, I've had bad experience as ret (getting shut down from dispels), enhance has been kind of lack-luster previously.

Ret - My first toon was a paladin, so I have the most experience here I'd say. Playing ret gave me a good ability to pay attention to my team to help out with heals/dispels/hands etc. However, I'm used to more or less getting shut down by anyone with a dispel. Now that wings are undispellable, will this be a class that someone would want to play with? When playing Ret/Enhance, people would typically reply with that they were looking for a warrior or dk to play with, instead. I enjoy hybrids and being to help my team out, which is why I'm torn between Ret and Enhance, for the most part.

Enhance - Really enjoyable to play, for me. I love the dual-wielding and hybrid factor, as mentioned before. However, a big part of my play style was staying up on interrupts. Now that sheer is on a 13 second cool down, how do you think this will effect enhance? Previous discussion has led me to believe that a good amount of pressure that enhance generates comes from being able to stop heals or peels. In regards to mobility, enhance has ghost wolf and root/snare, whereas Ret has freedom/movement impair dispel. Will these classes have similar up time on targets? If I had to guess, I would say Ret would excel here.

DPS - Will the damage be more or less on par here? If choosing one or the other means a significant increase in damage (or gimping myself if I choose the other), that would probably help me make my decision. If Ret is FAR ahead of enhance in terms of overall damage, I might lean that way. However, I do like the consistency of enhance plus the feel of it. Burst as compared to consistent damage I am not partial to either playstyle, so keep that in mind.

Survivablity - Bubble notwithstanding, classes all seem to have gotten buffs across the board, through talents and such. Am I going to be resigning myself to switching to onehand/shield as Enhance?

As this game is mostly about what you enjoy most, I could play either one and still have fun. I'm also of the opinion that what you play is largely independent, and skill factor is what matters. Regardless of what I play, I'll be doing it on the same level, and probably achieve similar results no matter what class I choose.

If you read this wall of text, you have my sincere thanks. If you only happen to see this because it's above the TL:DR, I thank you anyway!


I enjoy both Ret and Enhance. Which should I choose as my melee hybrid in MoP for Arena?

Thanks very much in advance!
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#2 Evolute

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Posted 20 September 2012 - 11:28 PM

Enhance will probably have more uptime, honestly, because of the speed increase from Unleashed Fury talent, Frost Shock root, Spirit Dash (I think thats the name lol) and the fact that Ascendance allows you to be a ranged-melee for the time.

While Enhance has good healing, ret brings better. Enhance brings a lot of tools that help especially against casters, while ret brings more melee oriented cooldowns.

Enhance damage has morphed to be very bursty in mists, almost exactly like paladin. Wings/ascendance and blow your load on someone. There isn't much difference there to be frank.

Enhance will not be swapping to shield, simply because you lose out on frostband sprint. If you really wanted to you can make a macro to swap out to another weapon with Rockbiter, which reduces damage when you use Unleash Fury, but I don't really see this as being needed at all.

Both will probably be as effective as the other. If you want to be more of a healer who focuses on mainly damage, I would suggest Ret; if you want to be more of a melee-caster who focuses more on support than all out damage (not to say they have bad damage, but the class is a lot of purging/grounding/tremor/shocking/rooting etc), Enhance will fit your playstyle more.

If you're looking for a short '____ is better' you're not really going to find it. They're both good.

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#3 Bracketx

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Posted 20 September 2012 - 11:52 PM

Silly evolute.

The short answer is located right here:

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#4 T3kniqe

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Posted 21 September 2012 - 01:15 AM

Thank you Evolute for your thorough response. I absolutely recognize that there is no "_____ is better". Thank you for taking the time to read my wall of text and make relevant points. I think I'm going to go with Enhance after all. This has the added benefit of (hopefully) being able to stick it to our caster overlords. =p

Bracket - great video. Pretty much sums up ret, actually. Pop wings and dump on people, then WoG your allies to 100% lol

Edit: I'll probably end up leveling both anyway. The main reason I have always kept my paladin up to date was because of the mounts and achievements I earned on him (now shared account wide), so I don't feel bad for choosing Enh now.
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