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WLD WLS MoP help lock spec, glyhps

warlock glyphs affliction mop 3v3

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#1 Maldictus

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Posted 10 September 2012 - 11:37 PM

So I 'm playing a lock before, I am completely new to this class and have experience as a hunter to roughly 2100. I'm looking to push for 2.2k for the first time this season with a IRL warrior friend but neither of us have run this comp before, and I don't know what my priorities or spec should be.

I guess my main technical questions would be, how much of the time do I spend doing 1v1 damage? Would sacrifice be worth taking? If so, would I spec soul link for + 20% hp which would help self healing or is it better to go for on demand things like dark bargain or sacrificial pact. I'm not sure if I should be going for survival talents because I'll get trained and just spamming damage or if warlocks can have time to freecast.

What would our strategy generally be... dot up 2 targets and malefic grasp on kill target? Or should I be spending my shards on soul swap and just dot and fear.

Tips would be appreciated against general comps like dealing with cleave or wizard cleave teams. I guess this question may be hard to answer easily because its subject to change. I would assume more on use cooldown stuff against heavy burst comps and passive healing vs dot cleave
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