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<Savage> Xrealm PvP guild

Savage kakashi xrealm

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Posted 09 September 2012 - 07:22 PM

History: I created the guild site savages to be the base of my X-realm PvP community. I used to run Open Raid events till I was banned for the most ridiculous reasons ever but w/e the past is the past for anyone who knew me! I ran my events under my rogue Kakashi Posted Image.

Goal: The goal is continue the fun daily atmosphere of PvP, while maintaining a dedicated attitude to the achievement at hand Posted Image, When leading Open Raid PvP events we were very successful and got things done in a timely manner, which is what I want to continue in MoP.


Be Respectful
Know your class and the basic fundamentals of PvP (example is not fighting on the road but on the nodes)
Have all the required addons downloaded and installed before the Event

Addons Required!

Preform Av enabler 2.70
Battleground Targets
Healers Have to Die

Attendance and Leaving Early:

Lets be real.... We are all humans, stuff comes up and you cant make it to an event you signed up too.. No big deal but if you can please post in the attendance thread on the forums, Hey I cant make it etc etc...

If something comes up during the middle of an event, just whisper me with whats going on and I will understand, things come up it happens :)

Event Times:

I run my PvP events at the most random times of the day which is why ill try to post a weeks worth of events a week ahead of everything so you can have a rough Idea of what is going on Posted Image, I will always let people know tho if I can't make it to lead the event and if its cancelled.

The Guild Site ~ http://kakashipvp.guildportal.com

If this is something you are interested in doing I strongly encourage you to sign up to the site and sign up for the events<33 I was leading over 300+ people on Open Raid at any given week doing events and helping their community, I have helped a lot of people obtain their Battlemaster and Bloodthirsty titles and I am looking forward to helping many more to come in MoP.

Once again thank you for your time reading this and if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a friend request my Bnet and Battletag is on the site Posted Image

Thank you
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