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Everything mop DK

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#121 Danücsmlan

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Posted 20 November 2012 - 12:38 PM

Hi fellow Dks.
First of all I bought MoP late and I wasnt even playing for a few months towards the end of S11 so I was not following the changes in MoP beta. My gear is quite bad I just manage to get t1 weapon and I only have 2 Malevolent pieces.. Anyway I've got a few questions about DK arena.

First one is what are the viable setups for DKs nowdays (3v3 ofc) because I cant even check the ladders with all these 30% win/loss teams at 2.8k. I'm not talking about just the T1 setups if there is any but any setup wich is viable at higher ratings if played well.

Second is the spec. Frost is looking better at first glance but I was playing some BGs and unholy did just fine aswell there.
Also I'm not quite sure what glyphs should I use. Looks like Icy Touch glyph is a must and Shifting Presence is pretty useful aswell and I like to have Dark Sim too (btw is there a new "bug" with Dark Sim because now even when you use it you have to stay still not just when you cast the stolen spell like in Cata), although I really think Strangulate glyph is needed.

Third question is about Death's Advance vs Chilblains. Obviously the constant slow is really good I just wonder if it wouldn't be better with DA (maybe DnD glyph) so you could stick onthe target better when you are bursting or when you needto flee.

ps What are the best PvP servers nowdays (Horde) ?

Thanks in advance

stay right there where u are now :) stormscale since tbc best server.
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#122 Jinngo

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Posted 27 November 2012 - 06:37 PM

Hey could someone please tell me like the 3 most viable setups in 3s for frost dk? Would help me out a ton :-)
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