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Mesmer build discussion

mesmer builds pve pvp

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#1 Kelthien

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Posted 19 August 2012 - 07:03 PM

Hey all!

Aside from those posted in the "about Mesmers" guide, I haven't seen many builds or discussion about them.
I'd love to hear what folks are thinking of running with.
Here are a few of the builds I'll be checking out

NOTE: New to the forums, so I can't post links. :-/

General Solo PvE/Leveling

This is the build I've gravitated towards since BWE1. The focus is to create as many illusions as quickly as possible and shatter frequently. Both Sword/Pistol and Staff provide well-balanced kits that offer AoE, defense, and solid damage. Clones are semi-successful at distracting enemies while Mind Wrack continues to be a strong AoE damage source.

Versatile Phantasm Build

I've seen some similar builds which focus on pumping out high-damage, low-cooldown phantasms. A build like this makes my phantasms damaging and plentiful. I paired the build with Mantra of Pain. I like it's low cooldown and high burst. It's also easy to recharge while running to my next target. A mind-wrack + mantra should be the perfect finisher for many encounters. Weapon-wise, I found the duelist and warden to be the best damagers. Sword and Scepter are my only choices for pairings, though Scepter feels a bit awkward with the build.

Condition Focused PvP

I played something similar to this build in the last stress test and adored it. Tons of clones and huge confusion stacks. It was pretty easy for me to pop up to 10 stacks of Confusion on someone. Feedback furthers the punishment for ranged classes and Null Field always seems like a must in PvP. As an alternate, I also enjoy Arcane Thievery for condition removal. I had a wonderful moment against a staff necromancer where I purposefully triggered all his Marks, then sent them right to him.
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#2 Shockaholism


Posted 19 August 2012 - 10:30 PM

I actually prefer something like this for a condition heavy build.

There are few changes in the traits but the most important thing is using a pistol instead of a torch to exploit the power of combo fields. While the torch phantasm does cause confusion it does it increadibly slowly and offers very little else. The pistol gives you the high dps iDuelist and the amazing stun/blind from Magic Bullet. Neither of those abilities apply confusion on their own, but both Magic Bullet and every iDuelist shot count as combo finishers which can.

Drop any glamour ability or a chaos storm on a target, stun it with Magic Bullet and then pop out an iDuelist and you will very quickly generate seven stacks of confusion before touching your scepter abilities or shattering your illusions.
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#3 Kelthien

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Posted 19 August 2012 - 10:38 PM

Nice! I definitely swapped my off-hands plenty while leveling. The mage's castable confusion seems potent, but you're right that a well-placed field and a duelist's Unload will probably get me more effective confusion stacking.

For general PvE, the Torch felt pretty weak. The Prestige wasn't necessary and the Mage was insufferably slow. For PvP, I loved having that extra invisibility on such a short cooldown. This was before the Focus was improved, so I may reconsider the torch even there. As far as I can tell, the Mage tosses up a single stack of 9s confusion about every 6 seconds. Not the most exciting one of the bunch, that's for sure. I'm not sure how often it casts Retaliation.
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#4 vVv_Cwalk

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Posted 20 August 2012 - 03:13 PM

I like torch for pvp, just another invis
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