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Guardian Virtue/gameplay Questions

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#1 krayissm

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Posted 15 August 2012 - 10:57 AM

I was just curious/looking for other perspective as to what I'm missing. Virtue of Justice is pretty good with the passive burn dmg and ally burn dmg/blind if you have the trait on a 30 sec cd, but the other virtues Courage giving you aegis once every 30 seconds is meh I do see some of the traits that burn enemies if you block something (so I'm guessing its good if used in conjunction with that)

Then one of the questions I had was if I use this, basically I lose it for 90 seconds missing 3 procs, would that mean its best use on more than 2 allies (assuming it procs on yourself as well)

Finally Resolve regenerates health (I'm seeing more of the usefulness as I ask these questions) and basically a 60 sec remove conditions/heal friends. What other traits or synergy go along with these is what I'm curious about. Thanks guys

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Posted 15 August 2012 - 11:21 AM

Please don't write like that.

Virtue of Justice is very good because you can stack up to 25 seconds of burning on an opponent. The burning condition stacks only in duration but the damage dealt is determined by the one with the highest condition damage. So if you have a condition build in your team you can deal massive damage with that. The passive burn is pretty bad though, so I basically always use it on CD when a team mate is around on my support build. Most offensive builds have 15+ points in Radiance which gives you the Renewed Justice minor trait and 10 points in Zeal for Fiery Wrath. Then you'll use it in combination with your other burst spells (which basically means on CD as well).

Virtue of Courage obviously becomes more useful the better you are at mitigating big burst with it. What makes it really good though are the two major traits in the Virtue line: Indomitable Courage and Shielded Mind.

Virtue of Resolve's passive is what you want to have going for the most part, so you'll only use it if you can absolutely save a team mate/yourself with the heal. 30 points in Honor give you Battle Presence which is quite ok in combination with Absolute Resolve from the Virtue trait line.

edit: why do the trait links not work? :S
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Posted 16 August 2012 - 04:31 AM

I pretty much agree with everything Treeqt is saying, virtue of courage will become increasingly more crucial as guardians(and players in general) learn to block telegraphed burst rotations- it will be the difference between life and death, capping a point or protecting an allie. The really nice thing about virtue of resolve is the constant heal, it may not seem much for every tick but it adds up- it makes condition heavy enemies a bit more easy to manage (which is why I buff it in all my supportive builds).

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