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Monks in BGs Vs. Arena

Monks dps comparison compatible

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#1 Cambra

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Posted 12 August 2012 - 09:02 PM

I've done a few Bg's on my Windwalker so far and because of their limited mobility after roll and dragon kick,anything with a root or a snare has nothing to worry about. It's the equivlent of a Warlock fearing a Hunter or Ret imo. This was without any resil though vs full cata characters. DPS Monk's strength comes from their strong defense that can easily stall out a situation long enough to go back offensive, their Touch of Karma is meant to be a reversal supporting this view. That being said I think Monks will be very predictable in PvP and it's up to blizzard to decide if that changes, and if it does will it matter like DK's in S5. You know what they're going to do the entire time, but will you be able to stop them?
With moves like Transcendence allowing them the same strategy as a Warlock: Being able to go on the offensive or defensive whenever they want, the ability to deflect strong bursts or CC, a minor shield wall and major self heals leads me to think Warlocks will be the #1 choice to go with Monk, similar playstyle one is meele and no DR shares.
As for RBG's I imagine killing them will be a little tricky, switch on off and back on would probably be the most effective way, getting them to blow CD's treating them like an FC.

P.S Some dps I imagine might be good w/ monks.

- Hunter with heavy BM side talents, combined with the monks 90 talent to summon a white tiger also

- Warlock/Spriest, pretty much like RLS or RLD where you're forced to stick the healer or caster 90% of the time

- Unholy DK, both rely on staying on something for more than a few seconds with good switch possibilities (Though this will probably backfire and suck for the same reason)

- Mage, cause mage.

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#2 phunk

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Posted 16 August 2012 - 11:30 PM

how is the monk as a healer in arena? I got absolutely no clue at all how the heal and what they can do
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#3 WildeHilde

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Posted 26 August 2012 - 10:32 AM

They are different. They do damage like a WotLK priest, can burn their whole mana pool in about 15 seconds and have solid crowd control. The main issue is the lack of any anti-cc tool like Grounding Totem, Form Shift, SW:D, ranged interrupt etc.

They have solid mobility with Roll and a teleport and they destroy rogues 1v1.

Best part of the package however is Dematerialize.

They get really effective if they are in the middle of the fight tossing out snares and roots, interrupting casts (melee range), Paralysis (4 second Gouge, ranged if talented, double duration if done from behind) an AoE stun (talented) and bring in their tiger pet Xuen (talented shadow fiend on crack). The issue with that is that many attacks (Chi Wave, Xuen etc.) break CC and that they have to constantly perform high risk-reward actions. Definitely no healer that will be played at maximum potential while hugging pillars.
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#4 Manath

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Posted 26 August 2012 - 06:07 PM

Mistweaver looks like a very good spec atm für arenas. Maybe the best option für Monks right now.
Seems like Windwalker-Monks doesnt have that great amount of damage, but at least they got decent mobility and a bit of controle.
I assume that Warrior/Ww-Monk/Healer could work. The warrior will do most of the dmg while the Monk is something like a agile and tanky controler.
Oh, and the Monk could be the MoP-FlagCarrier numberone. Brewmaster looks really good for carrying flags.
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