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[EU/Danish] Engineer looking for competitive sPvP team.

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#1 Seacod

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Posted 11 August 2012 - 06:57 PM

Hello all,

As the imminent release of GW2 is upon us, I hope to find a competitive team of players that are motivated enough to play their best and try to get as far up the ladder as possible.

About me:

I'm a 22 year old guy from Denmark. I've played a multitude of games throughout the years, and always attempt to play to the best of my ability. I enjoy the challenge competition brings, and will always try to become the best that I can be in any game.

I played CS1.6 and CS:S competitively for a number of years initially, until I turned over to WoW. I did however never manage to hit gladiator status, for whatever reason, so I might not have the "experience" some of the more "top-tier" teams are looking for.
After WoW, I went over and played League of Legends for a year, and DotA 2 for about 2 months.

But I do have unlimited motivation. I always learn from my mistakes and spend a great deal of time preparing and practicing for upcoming matches/tournaments.

I played during BWE3 and the last two stress tests, sPvP being the focus of the stress tests.

So if you need a motivated, mature and competitive Engineer on your team, i'm probably the guy you are looking for.

School comes first for me, but I should be able to play for about 5-6+ hours a day, just about every day of the week.

About you:
  • I'm not looking for a team full of 3000+ rating WoW gladiators, who think they are top10 EU before the game has even been released.
  • Extremely motivated and fairly competent players.
  • [Optional] Nothing beats an atmosphere like a team of friends. But if you've all just found out about each other, it's still great.
  • Doesn't matter to me where you're from, as long as the timezones are close (GMT+1).
  • You'll play the best you can during practice and tournaments. Whatever your skill is, you're ready to learn.
  • Theorycrafting and experimenting with new builds and strategies is a wet dream for you.
  • I believe rage is a natural part of the passion for competition. As long as it does not affect the team's (and your own) motivation and progression.
As long as you're willing to learn and evolve as a team, I have no qualms with people not being on par with each other. I believe in developing over time, and not rushing to become #1 in the world within the first week of launch.

So if you feel like you furfill all, or some, of the criteria... Please contact me on;

Skype: sc2vreck
Gmail: [email protected]
Steam: ldxsec

Will be hoping to hear from you. :)
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