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DARKVEIL - English/European ex DAoC guild - PvE & PvP

pve pvp darkveil eu guild casual mature daoc

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Posted 11 August 2012 - 11:17 AM

DARKVEIL - English/European ex DAoC guild - PvE & PvP

Darkveil is a Guild Wars 2 guild for English speaking, active but non hardcore, mature players. Whilst we like to get regular events and raids organised, we also respect that our members have real lives outside the game and that the game is for enjoyment. We pride ourselves on a relaxed and fun attitude to the games that we play.

About the Guild
Currently organised by Darkveil members from Dark Age of Camelot days from the Prydwen server. We have re formed and are expanding the guild as we will be committed to Guild Wars 2 for quite a while (We played DAOC on various servers from 2001 to 2010).

Guild Aims
Our goal is to make Darkveil a successful and respected guild where members can play the game with friends, achieve what they want, but without the pressures of a hardcore guild. Above all, we would like GW2 with Darkveil to be a place where you can come to relax and have some fun. We will help players that want help but would also encourage members to help each other. It is your game and your guild and it is up to you how and when you want to play.

We will run regular events for PvE and WvW, encourage progression and interaction between members but will not make any event mandatory.

We all have families, jobs, studies and other commitments outside the game and understand that there must be a balance between game time and real life. We welcome players of all types. Whether they are crafters, pve only, pvp orientated or a mix of playstyles, then there is a place for them in Darkveil.

At "End Game", WvW will be the focus of many of our players, but there will also be a requirement for gear etc to be successful so expect lots of PvE as well if that's what you prefer. We will aid our members in obtaining the necessary gear or ranks in order to progress.

Guild expansion and organisation
As the guild expands we will be looking for interested and active players to take on roles (such as profession leader or WvW group leader) if they so wish. By helping to organise events and aid guildies, members can become an integral part of the guild and in doing so, can also make their own progression in game more successful and enjoyable.

Age requirement
We accept all like minded, mature players over 20 years of age. (Our current age base varies from 20 to 47).

Brief History
Darkveil was founded in 2001 by Sydyshka and Kyarak as a Dark Age of Camelot guild. For the guild founders it was our first MMO, but little did we know how the world of MMOs would become an integral part of our lives over the coming years. Originally formed by a group of 6 adventureres that regularly leveled together, Darkveil quickly grew to over 100 members, doing regular guild hunts, RvR, keep takes and forays into Darkness Falls.

As the game progressed and populations changed, we were no longer able to run the guild solo so we merged with other guilds and successfully ran as part of the Fallen Spirits throughout the "TOA" period.

Eventually, with the decline of DAoC and the rise of other, more popular MMOs, our members eventually drifted apart into other games.

Over the years we have played DAOC, Star War Galaxies, WoW, Conan online, Warhammer online, Tabula Rasa, LoTRO, Aion and most recently, Rift and the ill fated SWTOR. Through all those other MMOs there has always been a desire to have a game like DAOC, where we had a relaxed and friendly guild and great fun doing RvR. With the emergence of GW2, this offers the closest thing to old DAOC RvR but with modern game technology, playstyle, combat systems, plus the dynamic event pve system. All of these features make the game to most exciting MMO for years and one in which we hope Darkveil can be a successful part.

If you are interested in being part of Darkveil in GW2, please take a visit to our revamped forums at:


Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I hope to see you in game or on the forums fairly soon.
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