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[Build] Bleed stacking w/ crit

Ranger PvP Shortbow Dagger Quickness Condition Bleed Condition damage Condition duration

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#21 sweep04

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Posted 05 September 2012 - 11:14 PM

http://gw2skills.net...JbTumkNt YUxGEA

I've got this build, I'll talk about my changes.

Using an axe is better imo, as you won't be using it in combat. You might use as opener, or to run away. The offhand of warhorn is great, but the split axes and the chilling effect skill are very good to run away with also. Spreading condition damage at the moment doesn't seem efficent to me as focusing 1 target down.

The traits I'm going is 20-20-30-0-0. Power is always good, and increased duration on bleeds are great. Don't overrely on Sharpened edges. A chance of a chance isn't that great. Spotter is good for everyone, although I would change it or the build if someone else has it. Skirmishing Sharpened Edges and Quickdraw, obvious choices. Wilderness survival; Wilderness Knowledge (no brainer), Hide in plain Sight (3x as often proc as pet, avoids a lot of damage is potential stun lock), Bark Skin (amazing skill, especially with Troll Ugent).

I take Troll Ugent due to lack of burst in even numbers, and more healing, good cooldown (Healing Spring is nice). All of my other skills are survival. Quickening Zephyr is obvious. Muddy Terrain has a 20/24 seconds uptime slow and a root to start it off, great vs stealth and melee. Lightning Reflexs is deterence and disengage rolled into one. Entangle is what ties this build all together, Overpowered by miles. Imo.

I would use a spider with the two roots and one you can cast yourself for utility, and the Salamander Drake for damage.

With this build you can hit 25 stacks of bleed (although that isn't the basis of success within the build), while rooting 5 people down at once and keeping yourself alive for a very long time, you will also have them poisoned and burning.

When you want to do damage, in an ideal situation you would put up the Warhorn call eagles to proc some crit bleeds (or split axes if you're close enough to get a lot of bleeds) then buff yourself (before or after the first skill). Get some bleeds up with shortbow, 5+ is great, you can then use the shortbow's 4th attack, and root the target with entangle which will also put up a lot of bleeds. Proc the Drakes firebreath attack. Blow Zephyrs Quickness a few seconds into the roots (asap if they are attacking the roots). The shortbow skill use will make the drake proc bleeding ticks very quickly while burning him, the roots will proc a tick, try to attack from behind / side for more ticks, then also the crit proc rng god might give some bleed ticks. You have good damage outside of this, but in a multi team fight this should always get a kill on something.

When you want to run away, you've got the protection of dodge roll, the endurance gain of Lighting Reflexes, the warhorn proc, the weapon change speed, the shortbow run and shoot speed, Muddy Terrain, the Disengage of Lightning Reflexes.

With this you should try to improve bleeding and condition damage / duration on gear. You should take toughness when you can, but otherwise focus on the damage of conditions. Perfect play for having low toughness / vitality is important. Positioning at the start of a fight is massive. You opening on them, or already in a fight is more important to you than them.
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#22 Iddibit

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Posted 05 October 2012 - 11:20 AM

This site doesn't work.. could you perhaps screen shot it or write it down?

Edit: Ok it's working again

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