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[Rogue] Panda PVP

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Posted 22 July 2012 - 02:51 PM

hi guys!

I'd like to mostly ask high rated rogues (2.6k+ exp) how do they feel about rogue pvp in MoP. By pvp I mean 5v5, rated bg, random bg, world pvp.

Because of chosing between ShS or prep the class looks like a panther nailed to a plank with it's limbs cut off. I love the class, but I won't be a retard to play it if it's totally broken. I liked it in BC and now, but it looks pretty much dead in panda. I don't like to sit in novas for 3 seasons then run with -50000% movespeed to the target to make some damage. I like the fast gameplay, the jumping, everything. It's like a mortal kombat rpg for me and now I will WALK toward a target.

I'm looking for serious replies, because I really want to decide what to play in panda.

- had no beta access + ghetto-beta DCs every 2 min
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