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Disc priest by class tanking pvp guide

Priest Discipline

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#1 sammyjo06

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Posted 11 July 2012 - 10:03 PM

I came to cataclysm late in the expansion, and I am not as aware of class abilities as I once was. I have been googling pvp class guides for the other classes, and I've noticed that many of the guides have a by-class general strategy section of the guide.

For example, in the unholy DK guide, it told them by class what to do if they are on each class, and specific buffs or debuffs to look out for.

Does anyone know if there is a guide like this for disc priests? Obviously, I can get all this information if I go out and collect it all, but if there is a comprehensive guide out there where it's already put together, I would very much appreciate someone who could point me in the right direction :).

Barring that, any general tips I could get for tanking DKs would be appreciated, too. I have the hardest time with them when they are on me of all dps classes, I think.

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#2 Lucen

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Posted 12 July 2012 - 03:12 PM

I think as a disc priest you dont need a guide for each class. In my opinion it all depends on the situation your in.

Some examples:
if you play in 2s against a rdruid/dd and the druid is at 70% mana an youre at 20% it dosnt matter that much if you dispell innervate or not. In both cases you are oom before him. But if your tactic is to burn the druid so he runs out of mana i would say its very important to try to dispel his innervate.

If you play agains team with a ret in 2s it would be nice if your able to dispel his wings. But sometimes he has 4 or more buffs so you need to decide if its worth it. If your unlucky you have wasted 4 gcds and his wings are still up, you might die. Perhaps you have faked his interrupt before than you should just spamheal and dont worry about dispeling wings.

Other example: You dont need to dispell paladin bubble in every case. I often see priests which massdispels bubble when theyre very low on mana / about to die / bubble is about to expire anayway. As a result they often die because theyre oom and cant heal or because md gets interruptet (holy lockout). In general bubble dispels should be very fast to be the most efficient.

The same is true for a lot of other spells/situations.

I would recomend to just play a lot of games and get a feeling for those situations. You should also lookup in the internet for good tactics against the most used comps.
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