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Goblin Warrior?

Warrior Race

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Posted 07 July 2012 - 08:39 PM

Have been away from the game for a while, and want to try warrior. I'm only interested in PvP, and I want to play as horde. I love goblins, but as I was about to roll one I noticed absolutely no one seems to go for goblin as their warrior PvP race.

As Barburas have pointed out in another thread, he likes the complete package the orc race provides with stun reduction, blood fury power-up, and expertise with axes. I am definately seeing why orc is good, but I guess I'm asking if the goblin racial at least is pretty useful?

So is the goblin jump really that terrible for a warrior? Would you say it is under rated? At least it's the kind of ability I find fun in this game, if nothing else.
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