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Posted 01 July 2012 - 07:52 AM

So I've been trying out restoration spec at beta because it's the spec I've had most fun on this game with in the past and I must say resto druid seems incredibly strong right now even likely many things are going to change. I'd like to bring up some discussion and since I can't post at Gladiator section also let you guys know something you've apparently missed in the latest lifebloom/glyph changes.

I realize this is gonna be alot of information and a major wall of text but if you love resto druid and wan't to see some of the most amazing things currently in beta, I believe you won't be let down by reading further.

So the lifebloom duration increase, I also saw it as a nerf because the bloom is a strong component of our healing currently. Also I hated that all casted heals were reseting lifebloom duration.

They however changed Glyph of Blooming lately which will increase the bloom effect by 50%, reduce duration by 5sec and also making it so that casted heals won't refresh it anymore. This glyph will make the 3stack end bloom heal for up to 48k non crit with 8k spellpower.

This glyph is absolutely amazing. Altho thing I don't like is having 2 glyphs required for lifebloom so you most likely can't pick up the glyph increasing your cyclone range but I feel it's still worth it since there's ways you're gonna be able to get off quaranteed cyclones by either taking Bash which is 5sec stun which can now be casted in any form with 50sec cd or Disorienting roar 3sec disorient every 30sec. Both of these sound absolutely overpowered on paper paired up with following cyclone. Altho just like dragonsbreath - sheep, your teammates can save you from it.

Now to something very interesting for you resto druids, you all know how horrible our burst healing is now, right? You spam regrowth with horrible manacost and if RNG is on your side you're getting around 20k+ crits and if it just won't crit someone might drop dead even after succesfully faking interrupt and spamming your "flash heal".

Now this is very much fixed in the beta. Regrowth healing is buffed and there's a glyph which makes it crit 100% of the time but not have the close to useless hot. I don't see any reason not to pick it up as Regrowth will be healing 40k EVERY time and also leaving a living seed for 11k next time you're damaged, these numbers on premade char with 8k spellpower only.

Healing touch is also buffed and crits up to 76k, non crits are 37-40k. NS healing touch is gonna be more powerful than ever, maybe even worth using sometimes instead of NS cyclone that I've lately chosen almost 100% of time when popping NS. I healed 117k on NS+HT crit which is almost like a resto shaman heal, amazing isnt it? :D

Also I haven't been able to decide which would be more awesome, having a spammable 50% single target snare to piss off the melees while running away in travel form, which also sounds horribly op right now. Or if I would like to get typhoon to be able to have better map control and push those evil melees away every 20sec in between kiting.

One really nice thing I'd like to mention is Killer Instinct and what it allows us to do. Building combopoints for Maim, which can greatly increase your cc chain ability, especially if you'll take disorienting roar over Bash and end up lacking the stun which can be used to secure another cyclone or simply lock down a target for your partners.

You'll actually do some damage while doing it with this passive ability giving you 100% of your intellect as agility when you swap to cat, again in my sloppy premade gear: 12,6k ap and 35% crit and crits do give you 2cp even when you're resto. Rake bleed is in fact stronger than your moonfire dot. So might be worth using for extra pressure, pounce - rake - mangle can already build you 5combo points with some luck and can be achieved within pounce stun.

Oh I almost forgot Iron Bark, 20% dmg reduction able to use on yourself or your partner, 2min cd, we finally have something to reduce incoming damage for our partners, which is also quite awesome. Separate cd from Barkskin.

All in all, if it isn't clear enough I'm really excited about state of resto druid currently in the beta and even afraid it's going to be bit too strong, but many other classes seem strong too so, we'll have to wait and see how it'll turns out.

Feel free to discuss and ask if you want me to test out something.
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