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Ret paladin gearing

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#1 Aristoi

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Posted 21 May 2012 - 08:50 PM

I came back to playing a paladin this season and I noticed every paladin switched from mastery to crit from s10 to s11. I also noticed 2 piece is absolutely indispensable. So, I’ve been wondering about two things:

How much resilience to wear?

I myself found 4500 a good number, but since my BG is shitty and there are 0 teams queuing above 2300 I can’t tell for sure, didn’t have enough games played to reach a conclusion. If you have a well based opinion please tell me.

Is it worth gemming resilience to wear a + strength heroic trinket, like Bone Link F or Creche of the F D?

I found Bone Link to be very RNG, sometimes during a chain CC it could make a good difference, so in order to use it or Creche I changed my JC gems to +67 resil, and most +50 str to 25str/25resil. Bone Link is atm representing 5-8% of my total damage in a PVP envinronment.
Since the ilvl has went up and I didn’t lose str or resil my real question is about the proc. Is the PVP random str proc worse then Whirlwind Maw (bone links proc)?

Thanks in advance
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#2 tonnylol

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Posted 21 May 2012 - 09:32 PM

Your resilience comes up to what you're playing, as in comp.
I'd say 2-set is a must which you already more or less pointed out. Bone-Link is totally not worth using, I'd use Creche or just double pvp trinket if I were in your shoes. But if you can get heroic trinkets, I would rather go for heroic set pieces, shoulders and legs, then go all out on strength/strength+crit gems.
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#3 Tonysmash

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Posted 30 July 2012 - 05:07 PM

Bone link breaks CC. You're going to want a high amount of resil running anything but triple dps as you will most likely be a focus target, so gem straight resil. Str+resil in red sockets and resil in yellow. 4.8k is a good number to be at running 2 piece. Once you get that number feel free to run str gems

edit: reforging also depends on the comp youre running. bursty comps with huge wogs is crit, longer games will be mastery

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