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Mage: Trinket Question

Haste Spellpower Burst Mastery Mage Arcane Arena Battleground Insignia

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Posted 19 May 2012 - 04:37 AM

I'll start by stating that I play Arcane in PvP. I know that, conventionally, frost is the more common approach to PvP , and to be fair I have given frost a try several times. The fact is I'm just not that good at it. But that is a completely different topic of discussion.

I'm almost done fully gearing with CP equipment. One of the few items I have left to equip is an On-Equp trinket.

I currently have the Badge of Dominance on-use, accompanied by Insignia of the Corrupted Mind (raid-finder) and I have in my bag a Cunning of the Cruel (normal).

I'm curious if I should leave Insignia in place for the Velocity proc which offers high short term burst damage, or go with the on equip PvP trinket which procs SP.

I'm somewhat new to Arenas and I know it's a whole new ball game that BG's. My experience so far has been fun, but I really want to maximize my potential so here's what's on my mind and I'd appreciate some experienced input:

With Corrupted Mind I'd be granted a high amount of Haste which would be useful in dishing out a bunch of short burst damage which I've heard is something to strongly consider. On the other hand, as Arcane, the SP proc would allow Mastery to benefit from it... but ideally when holding above 90 percent of my mana pool.

In 2's I'm not so much concerned about mana management, but 3's and beyond it becomes something to think about. In most cases I don't find myself in a situation where I'm mana burned in PvP (which may or may not be normal, I'm not sure).

3's are my goal so I'll theorize on that to start.

If I keep the Corrupted Mind trinket, it proc's Velocity offering just over 2.5k haste rating (I believe it makes up the difference between my current haste and what it offers. I don't think it adds that to my current haste). The CP on equip offers 1.2k SP when it procs. I don't know the formula that dictates the relationship between SP and dmg, but I am curious if Corrupted Mind offers diminishing returns during those 20 seconds.

Would high haste burst trump overall SP?

If I equip the SP trink, then I have the possibility of large amounts of opening damage with a full mana pool and the potential for higher damage throughout the fight under subsequent procs.

Maybe I haven't done enough research or math to figure this out on my own, but I thought since I'm somewhat confused on the matter, I'd ask the community for advice.

P.S. With regards to Resilliance, the on equip CP trink would carry me to over 4.5k (currently at 4.2) and I hear that anything above 4.5 is debatable as to necessity. My head and weapon, which are next on my list to obtain, will carry me close to 4.3k.

I'm reluctant to even consider putting in place the Cunning of the Cruel trink because of its proc potentially targeting CC'd targets.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you all so much.
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