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help vs dk , retri


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#1 darkharted


Posted 16 May 2012 - 02:05 PM

hey all im currently running disc priest , boomkin in 2's and we are playing with a pretty decent win loss ratio and the only set up tanking our rating is retri , unholy / frost dk is there any advice u can give us 2 help us at least stand a chance of killing this skilless comp we have tried with a pounce into clone on the dk nuke retri i clean him of buffs clone when he pops wings into dispell as soon as it ends then fear the paladin usually bubbles the fear and dk lichbournes i then gotta double fake and hit PS as soon as they hoj me and trinket the strang we beam over them to prevent dk self healing and the retri from wog yet i seem 2 run out of cds and die long b4 they do as soon as im out of defensive cds my boomkin off heals me with everything he can but changes nothing we still die any help is appreciated
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#2 FTRouslan

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Posted 16 May 2012 - 03:06 PM

The key to beating this comp is to cycle CC on the DK while dealing as much pressure possible to the ret. Your strat seems fine, continue to root/snare the DK throughout the match, and keep track of your DRs. As soon as cyclone is back to full duration, use it. Your boomkin better be taking advantage of his knockback. On blade's edge, once clone is on heavy DR, knockback down. Make sure your positioning is conducive for this action. Once the DK is back up, cyclone is on full DR again.

Constantly communicate with your partner. He should be showering the ret with damage. With the DK cc'd and the ret under heavy damage, you should be fine.

But when the DK connects, it will prove difficult to shake him off.

Imo, a decent dk/ret shouldn't lose to your comp, but it's possible for you to stave off defeat against the more mediocre ones.
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