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<BLACKLISTED> (2500+) RBG Guild @ [A] Frostmane EU Recruiting

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#1 checkmatekek


Posted 19 March 2012 - 12:27 AM

The RBG Guild <BLACKLISTED> at Frostmane Alliance side is recruiting more mature and active players for our RBG runs. We are recruiting all suitable classes and specs.

About the guild:
We started the guild due to the weak amout of PvP based guilds on Frostmane. In the beginning of Cataclysm, the most serious players migrated away from the server, which made the good guilds such as MONSTERS and CLOWNS, fell apart. Therefore a few irl friends started <BLACKLISTED>. The guild established as a casual PvP guild with a decent reputation, but we had no specefic "niche". Since arena got more boring and unbalanced, we wanted to try out something else and came up with the idea to try out RBGs. We formed a team and began to learn about rbgs; tactics, setups, gear etc etc. We found a RBG-leader who is in one of the best RBG Guilds - Genetics @ Outland, to teach us and we got a lot of exp from that. Our team was great, and we reached as highest a mmr of 2550.

Why do we recruit:
Today we do RBG almost every single day. We do have 3 teams (2 active teams), two of them are 2500+ and the third one is on its way up. The problem is that we have to PUG a few players every time we want to play and therefore I'm creating this thread. What we want is to have 10 players that we know will perform every time we are creating a rbg group. We dont want to search in the IRC channel for 2-3 missing players that we never played with before and so on. A few of the best players in the guild migrated to Outland and joined the Genetics guild because they didnt want specific times to do RBG, they wanted more spontaneous playing. Thats something we strive towards by increasing the pool of members which will hopefully not make us so bounded to be online. We also look for more players because we want to expand the community so that we the most of the time have players online willing to do RBGS and we might start out a smaller PvE-section.

What we can offer:
RBGs about 3-5 times a week ranging from 2200-2500+ mmr. Our members are also doing a lot of arenas and other fun stuff. If you got what it takes you could join our boost team as well.

What are the requirements:
What we do require is that we want you to have a minimum 2200 exp in Arena/Rbg and have a CR of 2200 in Arena/RBG. If you are interested in RBGs a decent gear is required in addition to the rating req. Its also important that you are active and vocal. If you want to do RBGs with us but dont want to migrate its OK to play with us Crossrealm, HOWEVER, we prefer you to be a member.

Lets hope I didnt forget anything. I know its pretty much text and a lot of grammar/spelling misstakes but fuck that :DD If this is anything you might be interested of and want more information, you should contact me - Checkmatefu/Checkmatekek ingame or Legendarén/Legendarèn ingame or PM me here on AJ. You could also check out the website thats not really up to date and kinda BETA: Blacklisted.enjin.com so dont make a apply there.
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Posted 01 April 2012 - 11:01 AM

I am very interested in doing cross realm RBG's since my main team got its main spot filled.
I am a competitive player and I play arms warrior and bring very good dps. I am currently at 2259 RBG rating and would love some more action!
You can contact me on skype: tetsu0jin if you ever need an arms warrior.
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