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Pericth 5 - In-depth Feral Tutorial

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Posted 18 January 2012 - 05:28 PM

Hello there,
I'm not going to talk your ears off for now, you will have to endure my voice when watching the movie anyway.
I'm just going to cut to the chase.
I made a tutorial.
It's about how to play a Feral in PvP.
It's very detailed and thus very long (47min).
It's free.
The link:


I hope you enjoy it!


Getting Started
Damage Priority
CC Rotation
Defensive Play
3v3 Voice-Over Matches
Skillcap & Mistakes
PvE Rotation



Hey what's up, Pericth here, welcome to another tutorial on the feral. This time it's going to be about how to actually play a feral druid. For those of you who didn't see my first tutorial you can have a look at it in the links below.
For now, you better wipe your appointments, reschedule and make yourself a good cup of tea because this movie is quite long. I don't like long wow movies but when I planned to release another tutorial so many things popped in my head and the content-list grew longer and longer. I am deeply sorry for the length of this movie but I can assure you you won't be bored. I didn't want to share my work with platforms like Skillcapped and get paid. This is a free tutorial. You don't have to subscribe or join anything. Just lean back and enjoy the effort I put into this.
Now let's talk pvp. In my estimation, the easiest way to improve oneself in pvp is to immitate someone's playstyle. I was looking up to Chrille back in the days. Very inspiring movies. Enjoyed them very much. Now it's Ryle I'm looking up to and I'm glad to see the way he is playing his feral. There is a saying "Steal from the best and make it your own". I'm not saying that I'm the best, don't get me wrong but I'm not the worst either. I'd say I'm somewhere in between.

[The movie is divided into chapters. Feel free to browse it, fast forward as you like and don't forget to take a break.]


People ask me very often about what my damage rotation is. Strictly speaking: I have none. In order to understand my point of view let me explain it. In PvE, a feral druid has a rotation that he tries to apply, it's easy for some encounters and it's difficult for others. The point is, he knows what he's going to do next in the sense of applying his rotation again. In PvP, you don't. See, in PvP you have to adapt to the situation rather than mindlessly smash your pve cycle and hope that something happens. It just won't work that way. Ferals need more than just a strict damage rotation in pvp. You will see why.
A remarkable characteristic of ferals is their broad spectrum of possibilites. They're not restricted to use cooldown spells in order to build up or maintain pressure. You can play defensively as well as offensively. (Although, I think it best to play offensively.) You are given all the freedom and you have to decide what you're going to do with it. And what you want to do is narrow down your possibilities. It's alot easier not to have an option.
I told you before that people keep asking me about my damage rotation. Which spells do I use? In which order? And why?
I think that's a very good question and it clearly shows that it's not obvious which spells to apply first or at all.
This brings us directly to...


Since I don't think of the feral damage as a stand-alone rotation in the pve sense of the word I will show you how to proceed in order to efficiently deal damage in pvp. First, I want to introduce the main damage spells. I want to create a basis we can understand each other.

Mangle 35 - your spam spell:
Despite the bad habit to spam Mangle, there are actually five things that are important about this spell.
- The Mangle and Infected Wounds debuff for 30% more Bleed damage, 50% less movement speed & 20% less attack speed; if it was only for the Mangle debuff it would totally suffice to re-apply Mangle once a minute. BUT
- Re-applying Infected Wounds comes in very handy if you don't have the time to reposition yourself or just can't get behind the target for Shred and need to keep up
- The Damage as well as the pressure on the opponent team. What's better? Not being able to Shred because your target knows how to not turn the back on you and lose time by beind idle and trying to shred but never actually shred? Or just Mangle your target, deal decent damage, re-apply Infected Wounds AND
- Keep building up cps? Now, you tell me. What do you do as a feral without combo points? Ah right, nothing. Maybe hard-cast a cyclone because you weren't able to spam Mangle. Cps are essential to your damage and your cc. It's ok for you to lose some damage by spamming Mangle but it would be not ok if you hadn't any cps at all because you're trying to be better than the rest.
- And as of Patch 4.3, Mangle also increases the duration of Rip by maximally 6 sec. if you have the Glyph

Shred 40 - your #1 damage spell for building up cps:
The only thing that prioritizes Shred over Mangle is the increased damage on bleeding targets and on the Mangle Debuff.
If it wasn't for the requirement to be behind the target, let's just say it would really be facerollin. I like the requirement because it forces ferals to be aware of their positioning. Just like rogues. (+Skillcap)

Rake 35 - Easy Bleeds:
This is your first-to-apply bleed effect. It gives you one cp and deals decent damage over time. You should definitely have it on any target, no matter which armorclass.

Rip 30 - cps Bleeds:
One of the feral's main damage sources is 5 cps Rip. It's not dispellable, deals the highest damage over time ingame and it's a finisher that grants the instant nature spell. Against heavy armor targets it's indispensable because it ignores armor.

Ferocious Bite 25 - cps direct damage spell:
This spell is the counterpart for Rip, while Rip deals damage over time, FB deals direct damage with the little extra of increasing the damage dealt by 100% for only additional 35 energy. This is where the big crits come from. If you've ever been hit by a feral with 50.000, it most certainly was FB at at least 60 Energy. And it's one of the finishers to grant you an instant nature spell.

Stampede - free Ravage:
After Cat Charging you are granted a free Ravage. Seriously, many opponents don't even know you are granted a free ravage after leaping behind them. So, really, be aware of Stampede for it deals 30.000 critical.

How to apply:
Let's start with openers. Personally, I consider three openers as best depending on the strategy you're pursuing.

Best Bleeds Opener(~160k @ 4.2k resilience):
Pounce - you should have 4 seconds to get up your bleeds safely
Mangle - for Infected Wounds
Shred - until you have 4-5 cps, use TF in case you're out of energy and blow your Trinket now at the latest + use TF if not already used and then
Rip + Rake

Direct Damage Opener(~89,4k + ~20k = 110k @ 4.2k resilience) [Berserk!]:
Pounce - Although it's a direct damage opener I don't recommend to start with Ravage. Pounce always means you are cc'ing without much effort and your target can't move. Activate your trinket
Rake - Again, although it's primarily direct damage that you deal, Rake gives you one or two cps, is easy to apply and it deals about 20k over 15 sec.
Mangle - for Infected Wounds, use TF + Berserk if you're out of Energy
Shred - if you don't have 5 cps yet and use TF + Berserk now at the latest and
Ferocious Bite - with at least 60 Energy (25 for FB + 35 for 100% increased dmg)

Most Common Opener(~142k @ 4.2k resilience):
Pounce - blow your trinket, use
Rake - the dot damage starts 2 sec after you applied Rake, that means you have one global to apply the
Mangle - Debuff for more dot dmg, use TF + Berserk if out of Energy and
Shred - if you don't have 5 cps yet, use TF + Berserk now at the latest and
Rip - your target

It is very often the case that you want to open your target with a Feral Charge. And that means you have an extra Ravage to squeeze in. Here is an example of how a Best Bleeds Opener with Ravage could look like and how much damage it deals. Basically, I kill him with my opener but because he gets out of fight he is regenerating enough hp and doesn't die.

Best Bleeds Opener with Feral Charge(~147k @ 4.3k resilience):
Rip + Rake

Now, let's have a look at what you can do as a feral while you're already in Fight. Again, there are three approaches of how you can concentrate your damage. However, it's very similar to what we saw for the different openers.

Direct Damage Burst:
Pretty much the same as in the opener, you apply
Rake and make sure that the
Mangle Debuff is on your target, then you keep
Shredding or Mangling if you can't Shred until you have 5 cps and combine it with TF for a
Ferocious Bite

Advancing Damage over time:
Build up 5 cps with
Rake and
Mangle or Shred on the Mangle Debuff, then apply
Rip and keep Shredding or Mangling

Stunlock Damage:
Build up 5 cps with
Rake and
Mangle or Shred on the Mangle Debuff, then stun your target with
Maim and keep Shredding

Of course, you can combine the methods and create even more powerful burst situations. For example, if you bleed your target with Rip and Rake and then gain another 5 cps and use Maim, then you have your dots ticking and somebody's got a feral on his back dealing even more damage with Shred. While in Berserk, you could even bleed, eventually maim and then ferocious bite your target which would be the most powerful combination you can get. But everything has its ups and downs and you would need to be on your target for quite some time in order to be able to freely do whatever you want and that rarely is the case.

The reason why I distinguish between different damaging stragegies is because there are situations where you won't be able to stick on your target, then it would be nice if you had some bleeds up. Or maybe, there is the possibility to downright tunnel a target to death by just dealing direct damage. Again in other situations, you might be better off stunning your targets to keep them in place and controlled.

I would like to talk about preference (or situational awareness). In Arena or in PvP in general, you don't only have to worry about dealing damage but you also have to be aware of the situation because it's the situation that determines your next action. Imagine the following scenario:

In arena you should not only pay attention to which attacks you use but also to the order of your attacks. It's important because Mangle and Shred slow your opponent and allow you to stay on the target whereas Rake is prefered when you need to deal damage.
Here, I'm applying Pounce first, then I have time to use Rake and only after that I apply Mangle and Shred for the heavy damage and for the slow-effect. Although I had 5 combopoints after Mangle, I still used Shred for no apparent reason. Well, the reason is I still had enough energy and Berserk up and that allowed me to squeeze in the Shred before I use Ferocious Bite. The combination of Mangle + Shred + Ferocious Bite are all direct damage attacks and together they deal a lot of damage on a mage. If you look close enough you will see the Barrier being destroyed by Ferocious Bite milliseconds after it's cast by the mage.

In this match I'm Mangling the mage first so that he is slowed and I can stay on him. Then I use Rake and Mangle. And because I'm not behind the mage I have to use Mangle once more. I notice a heal being cast and kick it with my focus macro. Then I decide to use Ferocious Bite although I have only 4 cps. I know that I positioned myself behind the box, I'm not in the line of sight of my healer anymore. Because of that I need to get my things done quickly there. I used Ferocious Bite in the hope to get my Instant Nature Spell Procc for a Cyclone. Don't stay behind objects for too long. Get in and get out.

My opener here was a very lucky one. I Pounce the mage in front of a pillar and he is forced to Blink into the pillar. I can apply Rake and then Mangle him. And, again, I use Shred although I already have my 5 cps. The Barrier is destroyed by my Ferocious Bite again.

Generally, I can recommend to you the following things:
Mangle your target whenever you can't Shred, don't lose time, don't be niggardly about this.
Pay attention to whether you need to slow your target with Mangle or Shred or whether you need to deal damage with Rake while building up cps. The order of your spells is important.
Reposition yourself in every gcd so you can preferably get a Shred off.
Apply Rake whenever you can, when it wears off.
Apply Rip when you want to set up a burst or kill (or you can't Maim for full duration).
Maim your targets every ~18 seconds to be on the safe side for a full stun. In my opinion, it's more important to control than to mindlessly smash damage buttons. But, of course, this heavily depends on the setup you're playing and on your opponent's setup. Nevertheless, stunning is a good thing and Maiming your target as a feral has the positive side-effect of receiving an instant nature spell which you will use for an instant Cyclone, and thus create cc's.
Now, we have seen some approaches of how to deal decent amount of damage as a feral but we still don't quite know how to actually play a feral because there is more than just dealing damage. Haha, no, I'm serious!

-----CC ROTATION-----

Let's have a look at the feral's crowd controls.

Maim - cps stun:
The damage this spell deals is obsolete. But it's valuebale to the cc in two regards: as a finisher it grants you an instant cyclone and Maim itself is a stun effect - means you can cc two opponents at once.

Bash - 1min cd stun:
Bash is a nice 5 seconds extra stun once a minute. Can be combined with after a Cyclone.

Cyclone - the most powerful cc ingame:
I don't think I have to mention that you have to make use of your Cyclones. A Cyclone is not dispellable, it can only be trinketed, it makes the player affected by Cyclone immune to almost everything. "Almost" because there is one mechanic that is sort of stronger than Cyclone - the Spirit Link Totem. The totem will redistribute the health among players in range despite players being affected by Cyclone. It's the only thing that kind of outplays Cyclone.

Hard-casted Entangling Roots or Nature's Grasp are very nasty cc's for Melees. But I don't recommend to hard cast Roots unless you really have to. At least not when the opponent healer is free. It's best combined with a Fear when the player runs LoS and you Root him or you Root a melee when the healer is crowd-controlled.

Usable against druids and shamans in shapeshift. If you want to sleep a feral make sure you have the healer cc'ed. At least that would be optimal.

Feral Charge in Bear:
Immobilized for four seconds after the Charge. Many a little makes a mickle. Absolutely essential. Use it whenever you need to.

Skull Bash:
Your kick is a cc, too. I will tell you a bit later how to best use it.

What I'm going to show you now are simple things. I will focus on how I usually cc my opponents in arena.
If a melee is connected to my mates and I have no Instant Cyclone I use Bear Charge and Bash him afterwards. If I do have an Instant Cyclone I just Clone him. In case my Clone is only half I Bash him after the Clone. You can also estimate your opponent and go for a full Cyclone, switch into Bear Form and Bash him when he trinkets. I only recommend this when you are sure he is going to trinket your Cyclone, otherwise you are wasting time by just standing near him waiting 6 seconds.
If you use your Bear Charge on cooldown you annoy melees very much and it really helps.
Hibernating is a very useful cc on druids and shamans when you can get it off. Usually I sleep ferals in arena when their healer has a cc effect, too. You can also go for a hard-cast, sometimes ferals don't notice that.
In duels Hibernate proves very very useful against ferals. If a feral opens on you, he will put his bleeds on you and you are in disadvantage. What you want to do then is try to get 5 cps as fast as possible but not use any bleeds. That way you can hopefully Maim him and Hibernate or Cyclone afterwards. You need some breathing space to top yourself again with hots.
Maim + Cyclone is an easy double cc which you should definitely make use of. Anytime. It's precious in the defensive and in the offense.
As for Roots, I use Nature's Grasp and seldom hard-cast Roots. If I have to hard-cast I usually go for a Cyclone.
A well timed Skull Bash can lock a school for 4 seconds. The only thing to worry about is whose and which cast to kick. Make sure you are flexible with your Kick meaning you have at least a focus kick macro and can interrupt incoming heals of your focus target. Now, the tricky thing about your kick is that in some encounters you shouldn't just randomly kick a cast. When playing arena as a team you should ensure that your healer has a safe positioning and that he is protected by you from incoming cc. If for some reason you choose to kick a Frost Bolt and the Mage casts a Deep Freeze & Poly on your healer you might end up in a defensive situation which you should always try to avoid. That's the reason why I don't kick incoming heals against some teams. It's because I want to play it safe. Of course, it's great when you locked a heal but sometimes kicking is about priority and a trade of a locked healer for being pushed in defense is not a good deal.

Dealing Damage and CC'ing go hand in hand because of your instant proccs. The reason why I call it a cc rotation is because of the Diminishing Returns. It only makes sense to cc a target with the same DR two or three times because afterwards it's immune. In order to prevent too much cc of the same DR you have to swap your cc to other targets and let the DRs wear off. That's what makes it a rotation. Primarily this accounts for Cyclones and Stuns. What you want to do is swap Cyclone from healers to dd's and back to the healers and thus create sort of a cc rotation while trying to force cooldowns.

Slow but steady, we're approaching the full picture. We had a look at the damage priority and now we combined dealing damage with cc'ing as one firm unit. Things seem to make sense a little more now, don't they? My goal is to provide an understanding of the feralplay and we're getting closer.


Since I didn't quite tell you how to survive hard encounters, this is what we're going to do. We will take a look at how not to die in arenas easily.

Barkskin - Critimmunity:
You absorb 20% less damage for 12 seconds and, in addition, you are almost immune to critical hits due to the Barkskin Glyph. It reduces the chance of being critically hit by 25% before any talents are applied. Noone will ever land a critical hit on you with Barkskin up apart from a rogue or a feral who might have a 15% chance of critically hitting you, down from 40%. A hunter might also have a ~5% chance. Barkskin is gold. And it's even more gold because you can use it in cat and in bear form. That means you can pop Barkskin offensively in order to suppress the incoming damage and stay in the offense a little longer, usually when you might score a kill.

Survival Instincts - Walling:
This is your shield wall. In situations when your healer can't keep up with the incoming damage or is cc'ed use Survival Instincts and reduce all damage by 50% for 12 seconds. Just like Barkskin Survival Instincts can also be used either offensively or defensively.

Frenzied Regeneration - Crazy Self-Regen:
Patch 4.3 increased the effect of this ability by 100%. Smells overpowered. It is! Frenzied Regeneration in PvP is very powerful. But unlike Barkskin or Survival Instincts you can't use it offensively. The only sensible way is to pop Frenzied Regen at low hp, preferably below 30%. Why? Because when used below 30% it restores your hp back to 30% of your maximal hp which in Bear Form is even higher. In addition, you convert 10 rage into ~7k hp per second for 20 seconds. I will show you a clip in a minute. The selfheal is insane. In a way it's even more powerful than Survival Instincts because you can send your healer afk while Frenzied Regen is active.

Feral Swiftness - 2 Fast 2 Furious:
Make use of your 30% speedbonus and LoS incoming spells by going behing objects. With Sprint up in Cat Form you can annoy your opponents even more by running wild like a cat on druggs. Due to the server-latency your position can't be updated as fast as you are changing your position. It looks like teleporting. It looks funny!

Generally, I can give the advice to never go in the offense without defensive cooldowns (Barkskin / Survival Instincts / Frenzied Regeneration). And don't let yourself kite behind pillars when you have no cds. Reset the game when you can't cc anymore. It doesn't make sense to deal damage when you have no control.

Now, we know how to deal damage, how to cc and how to survive. Congratulations! You are a feral! I'd like to show you some arena matches and voice-over them and I'm sure you will see my playstyle with different eyes.

-----3v3 VOICE-OVER-----

Here, Cptnhook Deaths the sheep. I Pounce him and build up my cps. In return, Ryle is Pouncing me. Don't use Barkskin whenever you're stunned. It doesn't make sense to waste it when there's no damage incoming. Cptnhook fears the feral away and I apply Faerie Fire to prevent a restealth and to make it harder for the shaman to dispell him. Our Trap on Drudenhaus fails because Rodriguéz is taking it, I have to Cyclone him instead. Gretor gives me Freedom and I'm trying to deal my usual feral damage. Up until now, it looks good, we forced a block and didn't use any defensive cooldowns ourselves. I'm not trinketing the Cyclone because we can't pressure now, anyway. I'm lucky to kick his frost school after the Cyclone, he blinks away, I'm going after him. Ryle is stunning me so often, he is stunning me three times in a row and Cycloning on DR but I'm not trinketing. We have to start our second burst on the mage, preferably before he can block again. But first I have to Cyclone Ryle in the hope to force his trinket so that he doesn't get in our way when we actually burst the mage and cc the feral and the shaman. The bad news is that our burst phase is NOW and Ryle is still running around. So I decide to use Barkskin offensively in order to be able to stay on the mage. We manage to force the second block, NS and SLT at the same time. Ryle is stunning me again, he does that a lot.
I'm trying to destroy SLT with a moonfire but the Stoneclaw Totem is up and it absorbs my mighty damage. What happens next is very nice of them. We wanted to start our cc chain wit a Scatter+Trap on the shaman again, my hunter gives me critimmunity. But I get Cycloned fulltime. Gretor Scatters but cannot Trap because he's Impacted. Rod Sheeps our hunter to prevent a Silence Shot when he Sheeps our priest. Unfortunately, Ryle has the same idea and breaks his Sheep but stuns Gretor instead. Rod is able to get a Deepfreeze and a Sheep off. In addition, Drudenhaus places a Grounding Totem in order to prevent the Sheep being Deathed in case our priest is able to do that. Rodriguéz has Icy Veins up and successfully gets his Sheep off before Cptnhook gets out of the DF. I couldn't prevent any of it because I decided to not trinket the Cyclone. I should have trinketed the Cyclone because now I don't have my Barkskin ready and I have to use Survival Instincts. Another nice move of them is the next Blink of Rod. He Blinks and interrupts Cptnhook inline. The good news, I can Maim him now. But I'm getting Cycloned again, Ryle keeps trying to force my trinket but I still don't use it. I'm Cycloning Ryle after that before he can control Gretor. We would like to start another burst on the mage and a full cc on the shaman but we are countered by a DF and a Ring which we didn't expect. I'm trying to avoid too much damage and go Bear while still trying to help cc the shaman and get rid of the feral. So I use Nature's Grasp in order to destroy the Grounding Totem, Faerie Fire Ryle and Root him. Meanwhile, Gretor Traps the shaman. I have to come in LoS of Cptnhook so he can heal me but my Feral Charge wasn't that great and I end up in the Ring. It's not bad though because the dots break the Ring. When I get back in the fight, I make the mistake to use Barkskin although the Barrier is up. I shouldn't have used it. And I'm still not using my trinket. Interesting to see is that Rod is not paying too much attention to his targets, he shatters me while I'm Cycloned for the second time in this match. Ryle is getting very annoying, he's always on my back. I'm using my Kick as a gapcloser and build up my five cps for a Maim on the mage and for an Instant Cyclone on Ryle to prevent him from stealing the next Trap. Unluckily, it's Rod who takes the Trap. I have to Cyclone the shaman instead, I get Freedom but Ryle stuns me again. It's not a dangerous situation for me because my healer is free, I'm still not trinketing. I'm lucky to get some full stuns off on the mage but the feral ccs me again, this time with a full Cyclone. My Berserk is ready soon, so I decide to finally use my trinket and Cyclone Ryle. But it's a little bit too late, Ryle already Bashed my hunter and I make a mistake again because I don't Kick the mage and my priest is Sheeped fulltime. I know that Rodriguéz is fakecasting a lot and I don't want to get juked. I didn't believe he was actually going to not fakecast me. This is where the situation slips off. Because I made a mistake here, we can't go offensive and that's what I used my trinket for. I wanted to go LoS but my hunter is Hexed and I want to decurse him first. I didn't see that it's only a four second Hex. Ryle is double Feared fulltime and I apply Faerie Fire but it's dispelled and he gets a Pounce off on me after that. Rodriguéz had a nice cc on us and gets another full sheep off on Cptnhook. It couldn't be worse. In the end, we lose the match and I think it was all my fault. Yet still, it was a nice game with ups and downs. It was a good lecture.

The next game is against a Warrior Lock Shaman team. In Junglecleave, you are very often using Berserk in the opener. Try to get off as much damage as possible. Sometimes we deal so much damage that our target drops in my Pounce. That's why I go for the direct damage opener. I want to get my Cyclone off first but somehow my Moonfire is not affected my the Grounding Totem but my Cyclone is. Whatever. I put my bleeds on the warrior, Cyclone the warlock, use my Sprint because I'm rooted. And because my Berserk is still active I try to make use of it. The warlock Deathcoils me, I trinket it and keep pressuring. The shaman trinkets our ccs very late and I can Cyclone him right after that. It looks like we could score a kill here, so I use Barkskin offensively. I'd like to point out how fast my priest is dispelling me. He sees a Fear being cast and dispells it instantly. Fucking awesome. The shaman drops SLT and saves his warrior. But we're still dominant. My priest informs me that he's Hexed and I Decurse him. I use my next Instant Cyclone for the warlock so that Gretor can Trap the Shaman again. It looks good for us, I'm trying to Maim the warrior behind the box but he Intervenes his shaman. I Cyclone the shaman because he uses Tremor Totem for the Fear. The warrior pops Shield Wall and survives the cc chain. I destroy the Grounding Totem with a Moonfire this time. Lucky me! They're out of cooldowns now, the next cc chain will probably be deadly for them. Gretor wanted to Trap but the warlock counters us with an Instant Fear. My Cyclone was a little bit too late but I couldn't do it any faster. Cptnhook is able to get a full Fear off on the shaman. I have my bleeds up and use another five cps for a Ferocious Bite. The cc chain continues with a Silent Shot and my Instant Cyclone. My priest is fast as always with dispells and we finally score a kill.

If you liked the commentary, tell me that you want more in the comments, so I can consider making more commentary movies. I don't want to comment on a third match now because the whole movie is already too long.


Communication is the key to success. I'm so tired of that sentence by now. No one actually explains how to communicate. Therefore, I want to try to bring that topic a little closer to you and point you in the right direction. Before we start communicating, I'd like to point out that smashing buttons or facerolling for that matter and talking at the same time sounds trivial but it's a skill that's not to be taken for granted. If you're just getting started, your ability to process all incoming information from the game and from your team will be limited. Totally natural if you ask me. It's a process to learn to simultaniously play and talk and not lose focus. It's training. Everybody can do that, all it takes is time and concentration. Some weeks ago, I read an article from Neilyo on AJ. It was about communication and I liked it so much that I'd like to share it here. I'm just going to quote what he said.

Everyone should be calling every CC that is hitting them, and they should indicate if it is full, half, or short. Everyone should be calling their own forms of CC and if it is full, half, or short.
Everyone when they have enough time should call everything a few seconds ahead of time to allow their teammates time to set up for it as much as possible.
Everyone should be notifying each other of when their important CD's are coming back up soon - for example: calling up soon will reduce the chance of people willing or trinketing a fear that can be tremored. Calling "dance up soon" will allow your caster or melee partner time to get everything ready for a clean hard swap onto a target of choice.

Everyone should be follow-up calling on things which they have called as well. For example, if Mage calls that he is going to deep soon for a swap, or counter spell next cast, and then he gets CC'd or something happens that prevents him from doing that, he should follow-up that call with an update to let his partners know not to rely on that deep or counter spell because he is no longer able to do it.

Everyone should be calling anything of importance that they see the other team doing, because some enemies that are in your view may not be in your teammates view or your teammate may be busy focusing on something else. Generally whoever puts out a CC on the enemy is responsible for calling if that enemy trinkets the CC. Or whoever CC's a rogue is responsible for either keeping the rogue in combat after the CC to prevent a restealth or telling one of their teammates if they are unable to.

Lastly everyone needs to work on calling things more efficiently, some things are hard to say fast, or take too long to say, or are not specific enough. So it should be a joint effort to find better ways of calling things that will convey more information or the same amount of information but faster, with more ease. If two people call that they are going to CC someone, people need to know which CC should take priority, whichever CC is harder to get off usually should NOT be the one to back off and allow the other CC to go through. That way you capitalize on that harder to come by opportunity.

Important announcements:
Call out incoming cc & indicate if it's full / half / short (I'm deeped)
Call out outgoing cc & say if it's full / half / short (full Cyclone)
Call out your ccs ahead of time
Notify your team of important cooldowns (I got nothing)
Make updates on your announcements if your situation changes (I can't kick)
Call out anything of importance
Be brief, don't take the floor for hours
Be efficient, difficult ccs before easy ones


Ah, skillcap - people love to flame each other. "You're not skilled, l2p. Noob."
Yeah, it's not easy being skilled or unskilled. And still, nobody can provide a proper definition of having achieved the skillcap. What is the skillcap? I will try to define it. Let's have a look at hit cap. If we acquire hit rating, then there is a sufficiently high rating at which we will be hitcapped. That means: We can't miss a target anymore.
If we apply that to being skillcapped, then it would be possible to acquire skill rating. At a sufficiently high rating we would be skillcapped then. That would mean: We can't make any mistakes anymore. That doesn't sound right. What is a skillcap then?
A player who is skillcapped has the potential of controlling his character at a level which is considered optimal. It is optimal when the player is communicative, fast in reactiontime and efficient in his gameplay.
It might not be the best definition but it shapes what is understood by the term skillcap and, at the same time, it doesn't treat the player as a fixed and perfect robot. Every player has an individual skillcap. We're all making mistakes, we're all not perfect. And still, it is possible to be skillcapped. Given that you play your class at your individual skillcap level, there are still mistakes you could do. And in my philosophy, there are four types of mistakes.

Communicational Mistake:
That's a very common mistake. For example, you want to switch targets, you swap on the mage, your mate swaps on the lock and you're splitting damage. Maybe you didn't announce clear enough which target to swap on, maybe your mate didn't understand you, any way, there was an error in your communication.

Unintentional Mistake:
That's the kind of mistake when you accidentally cc the wrong target, damage the wrong player, hit the wrong button. That kind of thing. It's a clumsy mistake.

Intentional Mistake:
You're out of energy and you have an instant procc, you decide to Cyclone a low on health target just when your mage shatters it with cds up. It's clear that you wanted to prevent the target from being healed but in such a situation your action didn't benefit you a lot. It's an action that you thought would benefit you in a way but, in retrospect, you made it worse. The target could have died. Or, another example, if you plan to Cyclone a target and the opponent shaman anticipates your move and your Cyclone is immuned by the grounding totem, that's a mistake you made intentionally, albeit you didn't expect to be anticipated.

Situational Mistake:
A situational mistake views an action in context. Meaning that you may have done everything right but in that particular situation it was wrong.
This can either be a very foolish or a more elaborate mistake. If you position yourself extremely badly and get killed because your healer is not in LoS at that particular moment, that's what I would call a situational mistake where the positioning could have altered the situation's outcome in a positive way. Actually, that is a very frequent mistake in arena. I know people wouldn't admit they're LoSing their healer or positioning themselves very badly or kiting way from their mates etc. BUT it's often the case that people lose matches because of bad positioning. This accounts particularly for healers because they are responsible for a safe positioning to back up their mates. Now, I don't want to judge bad positioning, just keep in mind that you, no matter whether you're a melee or range or healer, should pay attention to your positioning and even more in certain situations.
Another situational mistake would be of the nature that you misinterpreted or underestimated the situation. For example, the opponent team is pressuring yours but it doesn't look that dangerous yet. You use a cooldown spell offensively and realize 5 seconds later that you need that spell now to back up your team. Of course, you're not a mindreader or a visionary and you don't know what the opponent team is up to. But still, it's possible to estimate the opponents' team cooldown potential and safe your own cooldowns to defuse a dangerous situation.

-----PVE ROTATION-----

Because I was talking about rotations and damage but didn't provide a proper damage rotation as you would find in pve I decided to throw in my pve damage rotation.
The following clip is from the last boss in Dragon Soul. As you might know, there are four mighty buffs that are increasing the damage, health, speed and something else by 20%. I didn't choose this boss because of the high damage you can deal. I chose this boss because you can deal single target damage, multiple target damage and aoe damage. I'm distinguishing between these three types. Single target would be when you are only dealing damage to one target. Multiple target would be when you are dealing damage with your bleeds to more than one target and area-of-effect damage would be when you are dealing damage with Swipe. Let's have a look at how I proceed.
Start off with a Pounce if you can, that gives you an extra bleed effect. I couldn't do it here because I needed to run Fraps and the fight already started. I Faerie Fire first because I have time until I'm in melee range. Then I apply Mangle for the Mangle-Debuff and keep Shredding until I have four cps and no energy anymore. I use Tiger's Fury and apply my bleeds, Rake first in order to get to my five cps and then Rip. Your bleeds are your friend, always keep them up, never let them run out. Also, try to have Tiger's Fury ready for them, so they can deal 15% more dmg.
After that you have to get one more buff which is Savage Roar. Because you have to use Mangle only once a minute, you can Shred all the way to five cps. Whenever you receive the Freecasting State, make sure to use Shred for it. It costs the most energy and deals the highest damage and it's free. I'm using Savage Roar with only four cps here, then I'm waiting to refresh Rake and I turn the another target.
I'm starting off with Shred this time because some ferals are on the target and already applied Mangle. That means I don't need to. I can Shred and Rake until I have five cps, then I Rip the target. I don't have Tiger's Fury ready, that's why I decide to bleed the target without it. Shred again until you have to refresh your bleeds, I'm using Tiger's Fury now and applying Rake. Savage Roar has only few seconds left and I refresh it with five cps. An important note here: Savage Roar is not affected by Tiger's Fury. That means you can't stack 80% + 15% more damage for the Savage Roar Buff. You only deal more autoattack damage while Tiger's Fury is active for the six seconds. After that you deal 80% more autoattack damage as usual. From here on, the rotation starts all over. I'm Shredding to get five cps, then I Rip and Rake again.
The principle should be clear. All you have to do is keep up your bleeds on one (single target damage) or two (multiple target damage) targets, keep up Savage Roar and use your Tiger's Fury to increase the bleed damage. Now, you see that I haven't used my cooldowns yet. I still have Berserk and my trinket. I'm saving them for the part when I can deal aoe damage with Swipe. It deals so much damage that you definitely should save your cooldowns for those phases. But whenever you're dealing aoe damage make sure you are still autoattacking a mob. Your autoattacks have the chance to grant you the Freecasting State or Clearcasting State I think it's called. Anyway, it's a major dps increase when you're able to deal aoe damage. And ah, don't mind me spamming Faerie Fire too often, it's just a habit.
In the last phase of every tentacle I ignore my rotation and just deal direct damage with Ferocious Bite because of the increased damage the tentacle receives.
This druid is my twink. I didn't want to spend time to gear him up with pve gear. I have one mighty pve item, my trinket! That's why I don't deal much damage. But it's still quite decent. I'm not re-speccing for PvE, that means I don't have vital talents such as Primal Madness, Fury Swipes and Blood in the Water. When you do have at least Blood in the Water, you can refresh your Rip with a Ferocious Bite when the target is below 25% hp or below 60% hp when you're wearing two pieces of the set. It facilitates your rotation a bit.
Here is a screenshot from my peak damage with my main feral that actually has got some PvE items but no PvE specc. I think that ferals deal quite enough damage, I'm very content.


Finally, we've come to an end. I know this movie was time consuming but I think you are very well compensated. Who else is willing to work on a tutorial of that detail and releasing it for free? My hope is that you liked it and that you learned something. See you around, bye.

Edited by Pericth, 04 February 2012 - 01:26 PM.

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Posted 18 January 2012 - 05:35 PM

Video is unavailable. :confused:
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I'm not going to talk your ears off for now

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Posted 18 January 2012 - 06:18 PM

Yes, the video is unavailable. I don't know why. It's been uploaded and checked, I could watch it before it was released. Now it's not available. Seems to be a mistake of wcm. I hope they fix it soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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WOOOOOW guess i can say tl;dr :P
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Posted 18 January 2012 - 06:37 PM

Wall of text crits for 9k.

On topic: Good effort, but I'm waiting for the movie B)
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instant cyclone & make /cast mangle/Shred/rip/rake macro
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wall of text hello
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scrolling down

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Nice, good to see more and more guides popping up.
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i scrolled down, saw how long it was and realized that ferals need vial, agi gems, dw staff with landslide, instant win. there we go good guide - waiting for movie.
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I wonder if anyone can critt as high as this guys wall of text
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Posted 18 January 2012 - 08:51 PM

Worries me a bit that people are freaking over this guys post, which really only takes about two minutes to read, and is well structured so even a child could read it.
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Posted 18 January 2012 - 09:11 PM

Worries me a bit that people are freaking over this guys post, which really only takes about two minutes to read, and is well structured so even a child could read it.

My mousewheel died while searching for the end so it was long enough for me to make a badass comment.

Pericth has always good movies...beside of this strange "joker" vid of him.
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Posted 18 January 2012 - 09:24 PM

what worries me is how dumb a person can be if they cannot play feral =x .GUYS THIS GAME ISN'T ROCKET SILENCE
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Posted 18 January 2012 - 09:27 PM

i scrolled down, saw how long it was and realized that ferals need vial, agi gems, dw staff with landslide, instant win. there we go good guide - waiting for movie.

vial is bad for feral
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Posted 18 January 2012 - 09:38 PM


You mean it's not rocket science :D
But rocket silence sounds (ironically though) very funny, too.
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Posted 18 January 2012 - 10:04 PM

what worries me is how dumb a person can be if they cannot play feral =x .GUYS THIS GAME ISN'T ROCKET SILENCE

says the frost mage keep lancin bro
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www.Twitch.tv/wushington - Multi Gladiator feral stream

Mrlindv - Youtube channel

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Posted 19 January 2012 - 02:22 AM

not a bad video decent gameplay

your voice is really calm/soothing I fell asleep to it.
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Regardless of what anyone says you are the most zergable healer in the game. At least Priests have Pain Sup/PWB. You'll love two but hate all the zerg bullshit in 3s.

Resto shaman comparing his survivability to a disc priest pre-patch 4.0.6

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