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Ret 2p t13

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#61 Tonysmash

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Posted 20 April 2012 - 12:25 PM

As for stat choices and gear choices, I prefer to use legs (crit and mastery, clear choice over the pvp haste ones) and shoulders for low itemization purposes and not sacrificing the 5% crusader strike damage. All in all, Str > all stats so if you have a 397 piece over a LFR piece, obviously use that. The only time I use inquisition is when i'm about to burst with wings or if the match has become a turtle. Setting up your burst is usually crucial as well as timing it with your partners burst.

3 HP > zealotry, CS - 3 HP inqu - CS, 3HP wog on a teamate to get the damage buff from selfless healing. Pop wings and hammer. I against offensive dispellers I usually freedom myself. Against mages, unless you can cc them or you're training them hard, make sure you cancelaura your wings before they spell steal it. That being said, the above CD management is completely different if youre getting focused, which most people seem to do due to the absurdity that is selfless healer wogs.
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Posted 24 April 2012 - 11:41 AM

why don't people just agree on personal preference when it come's to pvp. and keep the numbers to pve.
Put it this way i loved mastery still do. but frankly at this moment i would take crit over mastery. and i would take full pvp over 2set. It comes down to what you are playin. play comp's that require you to get a kill in a matter of seconds aka trip dps and such. go 2set / crit. play something that requires longer to get a kill go pvp / crit or mastey. though i feel the amount of crit you can get compare to mastery is far better. but tbh i hvn't played with mastery since s10 and start of s11.
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