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NAO Tournment 2 sign up

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#1 Mageic

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Posted 06 January 2012 - 11:40 PM

NAO sign up thread

Please post in the required format below or your post WILL BE DELETED! Please only post in THIS THREAD!

Teams will be chosen largely based on current LIVE arena rating with the team they are signing up with, as well as some past achievements by the players. We are looking to bring in a UNIQUE variety of comps (Maximum of 2 of any comp in the qualification phase.) So if you are a semi-successful RLS and want a chance to compete you would be better off applying as a unique comp you have been successful with in the past.

We will give some updates as to which teams have been chosen in roughly a weeks time. Should your team not be chosen during that time you may reapply as a different comp.

**There seems to be some confusion with what dates teams need to be signed up. First picks will be made this Friday/Saturday so it is in your best interest to apply early because the comp you may want to apply as could fill up. Also if you play with a popular class (rogues)there is a good chance by late next week we will not be considering any more teams with that specific class if we have too many already. So APPLY ASAP. You can also edit your post to fix rating if there is any changes.

If the comp you did play does fill up you can reapply the next week and we will announce our final choices on the 20th.

~Also no Triple DPS / Double healer teams~

~Required Format~

Name of Team:


Name of Players and Classes:

Live 3v3 Rating:

Armory of team:


~Required Format~

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#2 Snoxxy

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Posted 07 January 2012 - 04:22 AM

Name of Team: cap

Comp: Thomas Edison Cleave

Name of Players and Classes: Snoxxy(spriest), Atplol(feral), Killawave(rsham)

Live 3v3 Rating: 2472

Armory of team: http://us.battle.net...exodar/3v3/cap/

Comments: FUS RO DAH!!11 Prob one of the most unique comps out there, and we've done really good with it and we think we can surprise some of the other teams.

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#3 yusehz

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Posted 07 January 2012 - 01:02 PM

Name of Team: Red-bellied Finch

Comp: Rogue/Dk/Rsham

Name of Players and Classes: Dontsitonhim(Shaman) Yusehz(DK) Acrobatics(Rogue)

Live 3v3 Rating: 2570

Armory of team: http://us.battle.net...LIKE THIS GAME/

Comments: Played rls and dk/rogue/rsham, team-hopped around a lot to do carries and such. Both of my teammates are beyond amazing and I'm very confident in our capabilities. I think my performance at the last NAO was very disappointing and I want to make it up at this one! I don't think any other team will be running this comp, and I feel very very confident against the RLS teams. RLS's you have been warned.

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#4 Bloobungle

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Posted 07 January 2012 - 06:55 PM

Name of Team: what should we do now

Comp: Fire Mage / Shadow Priest / Holy Paladin

Name of Players and Classes: Bloobungle (Mage) / Skeatskeat (Priest) / Kaddee (Paladin)

Live 3v3 Rating: 2439

Armory of team: http://us.battle.net...ould we do now/

Comments: We have held a consistently high rating so far this season for playing a unique composition. Our team rating does not place us in a top spot on the battlegroup however we have been competing against several of those teams and still hold a relatively high win-to-loss ratio.

Our unique combination of classes and specializations will also introduce players to a different style of competitive arena that they are not accustomed to viewing.

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#5 Thing_one

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Posted 07 January 2012 - 07:30 PM

Name of Team: Renegade Things

Comp: Rogue / Warlock / Shaman

Name of Players and Classes: Thingone (rogue) / Faetal (Warlock) / Thingtwo (Shaman)

Live 3v3 Rating: 2603

Armory of team: http://us.battle.net...e Things AGAIN/

Comments: We've acquired 2633 rating this season so far despite current queue issues, we are very competitive and have been at the top of our Battle-group the last two seasons. We are also currently rank one on Whirlwind with an extremely high % win/loss. We've wanted for a long time to transfer to a more competitive BG, and we will in the very near future.

http://us.battle.net... Easy Rank One/

Unfortunately, the team may no longer appear in the armory because the Warlock on the team was compromised.

I realize that we play a very non-unique comp, but I guarantee we are more competitive than any other ladder RLS. Just give us a shot.

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#6 Guest_snutzywow_*


Posted 07 January 2012 - 09:49 PM

Name of Team: keep it rollin

Comp: Rogue / Warlock / Shaman

Name of Players and Classes: Original (rogue) / Snutz (Warlock) / Kollektiv (Shaman)

Live 3v3 Rating: 2659

Armory of team: http://us.battle.net...keep it rollin/

Comments: We've acquired 2659 rating this season despite the lack of queues. This is the first season playing together but we are now currently at the top of our Battle-group. We've decided that we are on one of the few competitive BG's and have no intentions of leaving.

I realize we play a very non-unique comp, but we are currently the highest RLS in the US.
Give us a shot.
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#7 Rhorik

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Posted 07 January 2012 - 11:25 PM

Name of Team: Lost my Legs N Nam

Comp: Rmp, rogue/mage/pally

Name of Players and Classes: Rùe(fire mage), Ihmoen (sub rogue), Buffed ( holy pally)

Live 3v3 Rating: 2507

Armory of team: http://us.battle.net... my Legs N NAM/

Comments: I'm the highest rated fire mage in the world,also playing with the highest rated holy pally in the world, ill show people how a real fire mage does dmg.

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#8 Icedbrisktea

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Posted 08 January 2012 - 03:52 AM

Name of Team: Fearing the Universe

Comp: Rogue / Frost Mage / Priest

Name of Players and Classes: Magezlól (Alt Mage), Okiu (Alt Priest), Exgød (Main Rogue)

Live 3v3 Rating: 2584

Armory of team:
http://us.battle.net...G THE UNIVERSE/

Comments: We’ve been sitting around 2600ish rating for the past few weeks of this season with ratios above 90%. I’ve played Rmp with them for the past 2 seasons and I would have to say that they are the best priest and rogue I’ve ever played with all the way back to season one. I have 4 mages, Okiu has 5 priests, and Exgød has 2 rogues so we are more than dedicated to our classes.

Let us show you what Emberstorm is really made out of.
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#9 Hotted

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Posted 08 January 2012 - 04:40 AM

Reppin the rdruids!
Name of Team: LSD without a healer
Comp: Elemental Shaman/ UA Lock / Resto druid
Name of Players and Classes: Bobsauce (Elemental Shaman), Hotted ( Resto druid ), Chaimer ( UA Lock)
Live 3v3 Rating: TBA

Armory of team: IN THE MAKING.

Comments: Bobsauce and chaimer got rank 1 together in season 7 and we've played LSD with bob in blues to around 2600 mmr post mmr nerf last season. Even though we have a resto druid, we feel we could do well in the tournament. Also, we should be starting the team up in the coming week.

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#10 Xandyn

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Posted 08 January 2012 - 06:06 AM

Name of Team:
XMAS no presents GG


Name of Players and Classes:
Zunniyaki, the priest. Me on the mage. Khuna on rogue.

Live 3v3 Rating:

Armory of team:
http://eu.battle.net...no presents GG/


I realise we are an euro team, but all of us got accounts on US servers, so we could attend the tournament. We are one of the best, if not the best team on Europe and certainly the best RMP on EU.
I think it could spice up the tournament having an European team attending.

Khuna's movies:
And just recently released Khuna 4:

By far considered the best rogue on EU atm, played with names such like hydra/flyn, etc. in wotlk
We also attended EU regionals this year + EU online tournament.

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#11 Krystof1

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Posted 09 January 2012 - 12:28 AM

Name of Team: International Friends

Comp:Shadowplayy (spriest/warlock/rshaman)

Name of Players and Classes: Fixtymon (warlock), Krystof (Shadowpriest), Aramec (Resto Shaman)

Live 3v3 Rating:2572

Armory of team: http://us.battle.net...tional friends/

Comments: Also cycles in resto druid (Bigmoran). Although we might be no name one time gladiators, last season obtained gladiator rating with 90+% win loss, and as our main shadowplay team this season so far, we have only lost one game. We will show the world what former duelists can do, and how you need not be a 11x rank 1 from season to be one of the best players.

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#12 Lindre7777

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Posted 09 January 2012 - 09:03 AM

Name of Team: Pretty Pink Pwnies

Comp: Priest (disc) / Rogue (Sub) / Mage (Fire)

Name of Players and Classes: Laundry (Priest), Gymtan (Rogue), Dragonheart (Mage)

Live 3v3 Rating: 2438

Armory of team: http://us.battle.net...ty Pink Pwnies/

Comments: Played to 2881 (rank 3) last season as priest/rogue/firemage when NO ONE played fire. Mage is not just fire because it is FOTM after buff he has been fire his entire wow career. We have peeked at 2520 this season but after a few unlucky dc's and our mage going MIA for 2 weeks we are a bit behind. We are also horde - we don't rely on being carried by double human trinket dps! Sounds irrelevant but there is only 1 horde team in the top 12 teams in the US.
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#13 Whoreable

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Posted 10 January 2012 - 12:43 AM

Name of Team: Random Nobodies

Comp: WLS

Name of Players and Classes: Warrior (Cottun) Warlock (Guiseppee) Shaman (Hexpert)

Live 3v3 Rating: 2680

Armory of team: http://us.battle.net...lly arent good/

Comments: Currently the highest rated team in the US.
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#14 Vanguards

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Posted 10 January 2012 - 10:12 AM

Name of Team: VIP Pets Cleave

Comp: Ret, Dk, Priest

Name of Players and Classes: Vanguards (Ret), Mes (Dk), Sodahs (Priest)

Live 3v3 Rating: 2626

Armory of team: http://us.battle.net...IP Pets Cleave/

Comments: Currently the highest rated pally team in the USA. All multi rank 1 players + super cool model sodahs, also might be fun to see a ret in a tourny.
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#15 Champ

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Posted 11 January 2012 - 11:33 PM

Name of Team: Ankit Gaming

Comp: MLS

Name of Players: Champ, Voodoomoose, Nevz

Live 3v3 rating: derp

Comments: Sup

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#16 KingStrangulate

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Posted 12 January 2012 - 12:09 PM

Name of Team: Reroll warlock

Comp: PHD

Name of Players and Classes: Wetworks (Paladin) / Swooz(Hunter) / Slipz (Death Knight)

Live 3v3 Rating: 2500

Armory of team: http://us.battle.net...Reroll warlock/

Comments: Me and Swooz are 2x glads. And Wetworks of course is a well known multiple r1 Hpally. Looking to do extremely well in Nao for a comp me and Swooz have been running for 2 seasons.

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#17 Chandler

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Posted 13 January 2012 - 01:57 AM

Name of Team: is this real life

Comp: TSG (Holy Paladin/Frost Death Knight/Arms Warrior)

Name of Players and Classes: Chandlér(Death Knight), Trôy(Paladin), Truepein(Warrior)

Live 3v3 Rating: 2491

Armory of team: http://us.battle.net...this real life/

Comments: TSG is one of the comps you don't see in tournaments nowadays and we feel that we can bring back the very fast pace, entertaining environment that has been missed while we take on the other teams in this tournament. Also, even know the comp is very known and hated to this day, it hasn't proved to be a high tier comp on many of the battlegroups this season. This is why I think it would be cool to give people a taste of what a melee cleave can do in a densely caster populated season and tournament. It will also be interesting to see how it contends with the more well known comps that others will be running such as RMP, RLS, or other Lock/Shaman/X teams. We are also currently the highest rated TSG in the United States and have not relied on PvE gear at all throughout the season like some of the rogue teams high in rankings. This is also a reason I feel that we can make it far in this tournament.

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#18 why33333

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Posted 13 January 2012 - 02:48 AM

Name of Team: I'll do what I want

Comp: Shadowcleave

Name of Players and Classes: Drfilomd (warlock) Massives (Death Knight) Metaphors (Shaman)

Live 3v3 Rating: 5000

Armory of team: http://www.twitch.tv/metaphorsx

Comments: it was stupid
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#19 Ayume

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Posted 13 January 2012 - 03:14 AM

Name of Team: Realz

Comp: Thug Cleave :rogue::hunter::shaman:

Name of Players and Classes: Hunter (Rykinia), Rogue (Ayume), Shaman (Diziet)

Live 3v3 Rating: 2587

Armory of team: http://us.battle.net.../3v3/madcuzbad/


Rykinia (Tosan) is a famous hunter known for his videos as you can see below.
Diziet is world renowned progamer known for his mole and his astonishing ability to appear anywhere.
And I'm known for my current video Ayume 1(also listed below).

None of our rating was gained with a vial or pve gear on any of us.

http://warcraftmovie...w.php?id=206817 Rykinia 3

http://warcraftmovie...w.php?id=203557 Ayume 1
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#20 Azaelz

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Posted 13 January 2012 - 02:20 PM

Name of Team: Team EG

Comp: Shadowplay

Name of Players and Classes: Talbadar (Spriest), Azael (Warlock), Cdew (Shaman)

Live 3v3 Rating: 2600

Armory of team: http://us.battle.net... trip dps talb/

Comments: Only team to play the setup competitively, we were 1st 2nd and 3rd place on the NA TR and won NA Regionals. We want to see how we can do w/o Rogues having Vial and whatnot and show it's possible to compete while playing a setup many now consider to be weak.
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