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Death Knight, 2s, problem with Rogue Mage

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#1 yeye

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Posted 28 November 2011 - 04:41 AM

Yes, its pretty much what the title said.
I just dont know how to survive a, at least, decent Rogue Mage.
I dont play 2s often or like to do it, but sometimes a friend of mine (restoration druid) wants to queue just for points.
Its not a problem like we are complete idiots or have shitter gear (I go with 3.6k+ resilience, offensive gems with strength and strength/resilience, ofc spellpencap, apparatus as frost and proc str as unholy - druid runs full gear int gems, 2 pve set (t12?) for bonus).
Its just the opener that is the main problem (besides the coordinated DF/SDance which we can avoid most of the times), if they start on me and garrote+DF+smokebomb they forced trinket, because i would die otherwise, in most of the games i have to use another defensive CD (IBF, AMS, AMZ w/e) to get alive out of it, maybe my druid must NS.
Its not a big problem to let the druid survive, even if its a restoration druid, we know when burst is coming and know when we can expect to get in danger, dont get me wrong, i really dont need know how to play this comp or how to play as a DK, its just the opener of a rogue mage that makes me get a headache and instantly want to leave a game.
I tried to run more resilience, switching to blood presence and some things (staying the druid next to me seems to be an option, but its easy to find him as a rogue and they would force maybe even more defensive CDs than giving the druid room to move more into the "room").
Yes I know playing heal/dd isnt good, 2s is a shitbracket, restoration druid lacks a lot of healoutput and is compared to the other healers weak AND dk is a, related on output, strong class, hope you can help me a bit :)

/e: its just hard to get death strikes off + most rogues will disarm if they notice
/e2: typo, fml
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#2 iciale

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Posted 28 November 2011 - 04:50 AM

Honestly, any decent rogue is going to shit on an equal skilled dk. It's just how counter-classing works. As for surviving that opener, you might have to look to get a kill as fast as possible after the opener is through. Before the rogue gets dance up and the mage gets another DF up. I honestly don't play DK so i can't give you the most thorough or close to the best advice on surviving rogue/mage, i just figured i'd attempt to help you with what i can without overstepping my boundaries and acting like i know more about this than i actually do.
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