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How to fix Arenas

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#1 Schimon

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Posted 04 October 2011 - 12:35 PM

How to fix Arenas

This post will not include any balance changes, only game-mechanics that are annoying or dont fit into an E-Sports like PvP-Mode.

Hire PvP-Team
First off, Blizzard should hire a team only for PvP. They should be looking at balance issues and also moderate the WoW-PvP-Forums, cause they are full of qq and just awful to read and participate. One of there jobs should also be to check ladders for wintraders, bug-abusers etc because most of them still get away without any action done by blizzard even with enough evidence.

For me, this seems to be the easiest possibility to split up PvP and PvE. Arena-Realm should be up all year and may be balanced seperately. I'm not sure, how to get enough 'casuals' to play there, but one possibility  (beside the pet :P) would be to make regionals every 3 months or so and participants will be rewarded with a super-cool title and mount.
Also the low titles should have a cooler reward like a cool tabard or ground mount.

Spell Mechanics
Arena is a very movement based game and I dont think there should be Spells that move other players (i.e. Deathgrip, Thunderstom) because this takes away big parts of the high-skilled positioning. I remember a tournament last year where they had a LSD mirror and both teams turtled until the opposing healer was feared into open field and get wrecked there, really annoying to watch.
Mind-Numbing effects should also be on the list of mechanics that should be gone. I myself dont play a caster, but I think most of them and also most melees would agree if it is gone.
No DR CC. I dont mean slows or Interrupts but Solar Beam and Smokebomb, for Solar Beam I'm not entirely sure, but I dont think it has DR.
Jumping charge/stuns. Seems to be fixed in 4.3.
Less rng. I really hate rng when it comes to arena. Sure if a Spriest crit with 50k+ 'the stars align'...I'm not very familiar with english saying, but my understanding of 'the stars allign' is more like quadruple headshot with one AWP-bullet in the world championsship final of Counterstrike. Chance 1:10billion. Same with 200% Crit-Heal and almost every other rng.
More pre-action, less re-action. I pre-action a word? By this I mean there should be more things like deathing a poly, vanishing a death coil etc, new IBF was really a step into the wrong direction.

Game Mechanics
RoV out. No discussion about this.
Racials. It's good that different races play differently in WoW, but nowadays that everyone is min-maxing basically every Raid is 2-3 races and most of the people I meet in arena are human, cause Racials are much too strong in WoW. Rift made that really good I think, every race had a low stat bonus like 10+ Agi and maybe a profession bonus and a 'movement spell', Humans had sprint, elves had a heroic leap-like ability. But they couldnt be used in PvP. So basically the racials should be non-combat and especially non-pvp.

Spectator Client
Please Blizzard, make a working spectator client... ask arena-tournament staff if you cant do it yourself...

Cross-Realm Wargames

for player-made tournaments, or at least Skirmishes...

Random BG 'MMR'
I found myself being really frustrated when grinding gear for my newest alt, being in one battleground with full geared players, so I thought of a way to make an easy and clear way to improve game experience for random BGs
Blizzard could use the new 'honor earned this season' feature for this, my split up would be like this:
0 - 7250 honor (no weapons)
7250 – 15k honor (weapons + set)
15k – 25k honor (everything)
25k+ honor or 15k+ conq points
Of course you can get into another bracket if waiting time gets higher because no one of your bracket queued.

This would probably not be enough to make Arena an E-Sport, but this would be a first step into the right direction.

#2 Zen_Dude

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Posted 04 October 2011 - 01:20 PM

I agree on most of these points, though I'd like to point out some problems, concerning your Random BG idea.

Wouldn't it extremly favor pve players and wouldn't the queue times increase rapidly, the more pvp gear you acquire?

Also about the racials, I'm not sure if it is a good idea to simply keep them out of arena. It's one more step into the direction of homogenization, making the game more boring for people, who have been playing the game already for a few years.

I'd like to see legendaries banned from arenas.
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#3 Crackfiend

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Posted 05 October 2011 - 06:26 AM

How about fixing the queue system so it doesn't prioritize your Battlegroup first so I can actually get a decent queue time? And on top of that how about fixing the current buggy system while they're at it. How about resetting MMR EVERY season as well. Good post

#4 iciale

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Posted 05 October 2011 - 08:43 PM


How about fixing the queue system so it doesn't prioritize your Battlegroup first so I can actually get a decent queue time? And on top of that how about fixing the current buggy system while they're at it. How about resetting MMR EVERY season as well.

#5 Crackfiend

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Posted 06 October 2011 - 01:28 AM

View Posticiale, on 05 October 2011 - 08:43 PM, said:


dawg, ive never had someone agree with me on something! thanks man <3  B) B) B)

#6 Schimon

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Posted 06 October 2011 - 08:24 PM

I wasnt sure about this, because they changed 'something' on MMR mid-season and we dont know how it will be after ladder reset.

Probably worse as we know Blizzard.

#7 ysnakke

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Posted 07 October 2011 - 12:15 AM

Meh, Blizzard.

So many things wrong in a good game.
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#8 shuubi

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Posted 07 October 2011 - 08:31 AM

I think the main problem is really that blizzard decided to abandon arenas and focus on RBGs instead. I mean really, how was it a good idea to focus on 10vs10, when finding partners for 3vs3 (not to mention 5vs5) was already difficult as it was?

You can't even solo queue to RBGs, which sucks major gorillaballs.

#9 Eskeeee

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Posted 07 October 2011 - 08:51 AM

I don't think they allowed you to randomly que for RBGs cuz even PUGs get wrecked in RBGs. I quit puggin as soon as i hit 1500 cuz it doesn't matter the resil/ilvl/rating you require. Some kids are just bad. Gear or not. And anyone can buy a carry these days. I'd kill myself if I tried to grind a decent rating while going in with a buncha randoms. Good post. But I think half the problems with arena. Are balance issues. The arena server is a good idea. And hiring a PVP team is another good idea. I think they should make PVP servers completely different then PVE as far as talents,glyphs,armor, everything. That way balancing will be way less of an issue. Too many people qq on pve if something good happens for pvp and it goes both ways. Too difficult to please both sides.
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