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HC on 1.5 sec cast

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#201 Tojara9_6570488

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Posted 07 June 2011 - 08:18 PM

Dark Succor is pretty balanced for Unholy.

The only thing they really changed about Frost was the permanent death runes. Before that Frost DKs behaved exactly the same (damage wise, utility wise) as they do now. Frost before was limited slightly more in the sense that you would have to use some pretty underwhelming abilities in order to use your good abilities on the next reset of runes. Pet derps aside Unholy would probably be pretty fun if we didn't have to use festering strikes as filler every once and awhile.

Unless they are willing to modify damage done to players (which is what they should honestly do) you can't really change the damage frost DKs do without destroying them in PvE. Additionally changing utility is probably the worst thing to do as it's what keeps the game fun. A lot of my problems with Warriors is they messed around with their utility for awhile instead of biting the bullet and finally allowing cSmash to act differently on players.

Hungering Cold should just last 6 seconds (like repent) and likely have a 30 second longer CD. That along with the succor nerfs would probably have Frost in a fine place.

Edit: I'm too lazy to do the math for Necrotics on Unholy, but it should pretty much negate the 5% hotfix to it this season. Currently Unholy scales with strength 1% more than frost, and next season it will be 6% more. I think the thing that annoys me the most is the fixes on necrotic without buffing unholy strength by 5%. I can certainly understand the reasoning for Frost though!

I really hope they make some more changes to Unholy. I like consistent damage and all but death coil just does seriously underwhelming damage. It doesn't need to hit nearly as hard as frost strike (rightfully so), but it shouldn't hit for 100% less.

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#202 degbagare_2707650

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Posted 07 June 2011 - 09:50 PM

haha, so now dks have to fakecast...
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